Will 5-Star's Derrick Green & Derrick Henry Spurn SEC Powerhouses for Tennessee?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 19, 2012

Via Rivals.com
Via Rivals.com

Even though the Tennessee Volunteers lost a big game to the Florida Gators this past weekend, they had themselves a huge night on the field of college football recruiting.

The Volunteers played host to two big-time commits in 5-star running back Derrick Henry and 5-star running back Derrick Green.

Yesterday I wrote a piece on why Alabama—the No. 1 team on Henry's list—should be concerned about the visit. Henry said that Alabama was still on top of his list, but that Tennessee "made him think", according to quotes via Ryan Callahan of 247Sports.

Today, we turn the spotlight on the other Derrick's trip to Tennessee, which went very well according to these quotes via Mike Farrell of Rivals.com

"With College Gameday being there, the night game atmosphere and how loud the crowd was, it was the best atmosphere I've ever been around," he said. "Tennessee is very much in the mix, this visit really helped a lot. There is no question I will consider them until the end."

It seems as if Tennessee has impressed two of the nation's biggest running back recruits, but will they be able to draw both of them in enough to get a commit?

The problem here is that the Volunteers are going up against the two biggest powerhouses in the SEC. As I mentioned, Alabama is on top of Henry's list, while Auburn tops Green's according to 247Sports.

Alabama has National Championship aspirations on a yearly basis and generally provides a straight path to NFL for great players. Auburn on the other-hand is having a down year, but Gene Chizik has a great 2013 class going, highlighted by three 5-star commits, so their future is bright.

Even if Tennessee can recruit these two stud players, will that be enough to overcome a stacked SEC? That's a question that both of them will undoubtedly be thinking about.

The other hitch here is the fact that both players are running backs. While Henry is listed as an athlete and has the size to play anywhere on the field at 6'3'', 240 pounds, he is probably best suited where he is comfortable at the next level. Green, at 6'0'', 220 pounds is undoubtedly a running back.

According to Farrell's report, Green did mention that the depth chart will play a big role in his decision, so if Henry does commit to the Volunteers, I don't see Green going. The only way would be if Tennessee can convince them both to split time, or if they decide to move Henry to another position.

The time split is possible, as all head coach Derek Dooley has to do is point to what Georgia is doing with their two freshman running backs Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall, who both rushed for over 100 yards and a touchdown this past weekend.

It is possible, but the question is whether or not Tennessee can get the two 5-star backs to buy in to the idea.

Other than that, it seems like this could be a one or the other type deal for the Volunteers.

That is, if they're even lucky enough to get one of them.

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