FOTA To Propose Big Changes in Formula One

Richard DeveauCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

The Formula One Teams Association is prepared to announce radical changes to Formula One in a press conference Thursday.

According to British Web site, FOTA will recommend changes to the qualifying format, the current point system, the introduction of mandatory tire changes, and a more open attitude to sharing information with race fans watching races at home and attending the race.

Those changes are believed to be some changes that will be announced at a press conference in Geneva by the FOTA. also reports that Luca di Montezemolo will give the opening address, prior to a technical presentation from Ross Brawn, a sporting lecture from Martin Whitmarsh, and a commercial address from Flavio Briatore.

In other news, all teams will allow radio transmissions to fans in 2009.

McLaren and Ferrari have finally agreed with the other F1 teams to allow all their radio communications from pit-to-driver to be broadcast on TV.

The top teams have always been against allowing fans to listen to all their radio communications. TV broadcasters were only allowed to use the radios on the cool down laps when the driver was being congratulated on his victory or podium finish.

In the interest of making the sport more accessible to viewers the teams agreed at last week’s meeting of the FIA’s Sporting Working Group in Nice that all broadcasts will open.

Teams have always been forced to share radio messages with race control so that race director Charlie Whiting and his assistant Herbie Blash can make sure nothing illegal, such as team orders, happens.

This is expected to be one of the topics mentioned in the FOTA's press conference in Geneva Thursday, which would fall in the category of making the sport more accessible to fans.

It’s also been agreed that during practice and qualifying teams will share tyre information electronically, so that they no longer have to post a "spy" on the pit wall whose role is to gather such information manually.