Attacks and Counter Attacks, Is That What We Want?

Rohini IyerSenior Writer IMarch 4, 2009

Firstly, thanks to all the cricket writers for their respective barrage of articles on the terror attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team touring Pakistan. As a cricket fan and more importantly a citizen of Pakistan's next door neighbour, I know how the feeling is.

India is a nation that can expect terror attacks anywhere and at any point of time. Time heals but the super-imposing of terrorism in our country refuses to fade. Why? because, the minute we try and regroup ourselves, there is another terror attack.

In fact, I would even got to the extent of saying that on every new year's eve, most of the Indians warily scan the news headlines for such ghastliness.

This is probably the first time that a cricketing team was attacked and I sincerely hope and pray that remains the last; and the repercussions that followed about the tour getting cancelled was the only decision that could be taken.

But amidst this melee, we have to wait and think a little. The way the entire cricketing world is turning its back on Pakistan and almost boycotting it, is it fair?

I know very well that after the recent happening, touring Pakistan will always be met with dubious eyes and raised eyebrows, but altogether shunning them is a bit below the belt. Aren't there neutral venues where countries can play against Pakistan?

As it so happens, the BCCI has wasted no time in announcing to the world [smugly, I should add] that how right it was when it opposed to the Indian team's tour to Pakistan. The way they said it made me feel as if they were secretly glad that such a misfortune happened to the Lankan players.

And the above reason given by them makes me laugh out loud. It was not a reason but an excuse to cover the fact that it didn't send the Indian cricket team to Pakistan because; it went against the grain of patriotism and the death of the martyrs. To add, it stopped Pakistani players featuring in the IPL.

As a cricket fan, I just want to present the picture from the "other side of grass" perspective. Lets assume that it was not Sri Lanka touring Pakistan but the other way round.

If the LTTE had carried out such an attack, would the entire world respond with such frenzy and will they give more than a passing thought to the issue?

There is an overwhelming political seat to this cricketing mania. Its a presentation of the almost in consensus belief across the world that Pakistan secretly harbours terrorism in a varied form and this incident has just fortified and strengthened it.

Thus, this is where the true sporting mentality should come into the foray and take its place. The cricketers should unite and stand up to the cowards who can't show their face.

It's the players, the Boards and everyone involved with the sport who have to come forward and show these so- called fighters, their abject failure to divide the cricketing community.

By this, I definitely don't mean that with immediate effect, a cricket series should be started in Pakistan; it won't be right. But at the same time, maintaining a safe distance from a country as if it is quarantined and keeping a sort of hostility isn't going  to solve matters either.