NBA Posteason: My Perfect Western Conference Playoffs

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IMarch 17, 2008

This won't happen (is very very unlikely), but if I could control the Western playoffs, this is how I would like it....


1. San Antonio Spurs

2. Los Angeles Lakers

3. Phoenix Suns

4. New Orleans Hornets

5. Utah Jazz

6. Golden State Warriors

7. Dallas Mavericks

8. Houston Rockets

Round 1 

No. 1 Spurs beat No. 8 Rockets

A great Texas showdown. Tough, hard-nosed half court game. A defensive clinic.

No. 5 Jazz beat No. 4 Hornets

An elite point guard battle. Paul vs. Williams would be a must see matchup.

No. 3 Suns beat No. 6 Warriors

Run-and-Gun at its finest. Points raining from the sky. 130-125 games. Awesome series.

No. 2 Lakers beat No. 7 Mavericks

A matchup between the desperate Mavericks and good Lakers. Jason Kidd against the team we was supposed to be traded to for Andrew Bynum.

Round 2

No. 1 Spurs beat No. 5 Jazz

Rematch of last year's Conference Finals. Tough game, with Boozer and Duncan battling inside, and Parker and Deron Williams matching up at the point. 

No. 3 Suns beat No. 2 Lakers

A heated rivalry, with Raja Bell-Kobe. Great moments from past playoffs revived. Kobe vs. Shaq in the playoffs. Arguably the best series in all the playoffs.

Round 3

No. 3 Suns beat No. 1 Spurs

Rematch of best series in last year's playoffs. A rivalry with intensity: Horry's hip check, Nash's nose, Stoudemire's suspension. I would want the Suns to win so Nash could win a championship, and so we would see fresh blood in the Finals, not boring San Antonio again.

The Suns go to the NBA Finals, with Nash on a mission for a ring, and Shaq in the spotlight again.