WWE: What Impact Could John Cena's Injury Have on His Feud with CM Punk?

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIISeptember 18, 2012

Announced earlier today at wwe.com, John Cena has had surgery to remove bone chips from his elbow. Cena is expected to miss anywhere from two to six weeks of active competition. While this is not a severe injury or surgery in the grand scheme of things, the timing of this could not be worse.

John Cena just had one of his best matches of the year against CM Punk at Night of Champions. Their feud is really heating up and we are nearing what seemingly would be the big payoff.

Now, the WWE's next pay-per-view, Hell in a Cell, is five weeks away. Cena should be able to go by then, but there is always the possibility that he may not be able to put on a match in a grueling environment like a Hell in a Cell match.

The WWE needs to have a plan just in case Cena is not able to go at Hell in a Cell. So, being the great fantasy booker that I am, here is what I think would be the best course of action for the WWE.

Next week on Raw, Cena comes out and does his usual thing with CM Punk. The two play up the controversial match ending from the previous show and all seems standard. As the show goes on, have Cena be found backstage holding his arm after being jumped by an unknown person. Of course, this person would be CM Punk.

This would serve two purposes. The first being that it would write Cena off television for the time he needs to rest and recover from surgery. Cena has been long overdue for a break, so I say give it to him now. The second purpose of the attack is that it would help further the angle of AJ being an "inept" general manager who has no control over the talent and their well-being.

Now, we fast forward to CM Punk and Paul Heyman in the ring talking about how unfortunate Cena's injury is. Heyman eventually says, "Punk will gladly wait until Cena is ready to go, but to be fair to CM Punk, he will be taking the next five weeks off."

Out comes AJ, who says that will not be necessary. She has found someone who will fill in for Cena while he is unable to compete. Out comes Randy Orton, and the main event will be Randy Orton vs. CM Punk. If Orton wins, he gets a title shot at Hell in a Cell.

Once again, this serves two purposes. Orton has won some big matches lately and it makes sense to give him a shot. Also, this puts the WWE in a perfect situation, whether Cena is good to go at Hell in a Cell or not. I will explain that further.

Orton wins the main event match and is the No. 1 contender. If it turns out Cena is able to compete at Hell in a Cell, have Orton end up laid out backstage much like Cena was the week before the pay-per-view.

At the PPV, Punk and Heyman take the ring and proclaim once again how AJ has failed as a general manager and how Punk is the best in the world. Out comes Cena, who reveals the Punk was the one who attacked him and Orton. AJ grants Cena his original title shot and we have our main event. Having Orton written off of TV from the attack will give him time to film his movie and it will set up a future Punk/Orton feud.

If, however, Cena is not able to go by the time Hell in a Cell arrives, then Orton and Punk have their match. I say, have Punk steal Orton's signature and "banned" punt to the head. Punk uses it on Orton and wins the match. Once again, Orton would be written off to film his movie and all the above repercussions apply here as well.

I know the move is "banned," but Punk is a rule breaker and it is a PPV, so I think they could get away with doing it. The next night or week when Cena is ready to go, he comes out and reveals that it was Punk who attacked him all along and that he is back for his title, and we continue like we would have without the injury.

Thanks for reading through this long article, but I know if you read it all the way through, it was worth it. The impact of the injury could be huge or slight. It all depends on how long it takes Cena to heal.

This was my opinion and thoughts about what the WWE should do with this angle given the worst-case scenario. What are your thoughts about this or about Cena's injury?

Leave your comments below and thanks for reading.