I Wish Jose Reyes Was a Yankee: A-Rod

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IMarch 4, 2009

No, that's not me saying that about the Mets' overrated shortstop*—it was the always entertaining A-Rod.

A-Rod is God's gift to baseball bloggers. Instead of trying to make something out of Santanagate (and I'll do that later today, don't worry) or handing in a random "John Stearns" article, A-Rod is the gift that keeps on giving.

First: the hip. A-Rod has a sore hip and is heading to Denver (?) to have it looked at. He "might" miss the WBC.

Might? At the first sign of injury he should be back at Steinbrenner Field sitting in the hot tub.

I don't know how you help a hip injury, but someone on the radio suggested you might need a steroid injection. Wouldn't that be priceless?

A-Rod is so much fun that he can't even say something nice and not get in trouble. He should have said something like, "Jose Reyes is a great player, and it will be fun to play with him (in the WBC)."

Instead he said, "I wish he was leading off on our team, playing on our team (the Yankees)."

Oops. You see, A-Rod, if Reyes were on the Yankees, he'd probably be the shortstop—and drat, Alex just dissed Derek Jeter again. Jeter plays the public stoicism as well as Joe DiMaggio did, but we all know he thinks A-Fraud is a douche.

Now to OverReyes. People get very mad at me when I accuse Jose of being overrated. You can still be very good and overrated.

Most Mets fans think he's a Hall of Famer. I know what the fantasy is—he walks and steals two bases and scores on a sac fly. He apparently does this four times a game from what I hear up in the 500 seats (we have those now; learn the new nomenclature).

Best shortstop in Mets history? Probably. Smart baseball player? Not yet, and he has coasted on "he's young" for quite some time. He's good—he's just not one of the top players in all of baseball.

Yeah, I'm "knocking" a guy with 200 hits last year (I am A-Rod like). Reyes may have better stats and better talent, but I'm pretty sure Jimmy Rollins (he of the MVP and the ring) is a better player. The same way I know Mike Schmidt was the best third baseman of all time or that I know how good Dale Murphy was—the stats don't always tell the full story. The same way I know how good Keith Hernandez was.

Reyes is good but not irreplaceable on this team. Johan Santana is not replaceable. You can find someone to play short if you have to.

I hope he goes out and wins an MVP. I hope Jerry Manuel can teach him to play station to station ball rather than see Jose try to boost his home run totals.

Reyes "hopped around in pain" after stealing third base yesterday (says Newsday) while playing for the not-Mets for a tune-up game for a made up tournament.

I hope you're OK, Jose. Go out there and prove me wrong.

Alex, I hope you're OK too. It would have been a long February without you—and don't forget, if you hadn't asked the Mets for your own store and a 24+1 deal, you could be at C-Field standing at SS next to second baseman Jose Reyes come opening day. Enjoy the Bronx—they love you.