Ole Miss Visit Should Have Clemson Worried That Robert Nkemdiche Flips

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 18, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Another day goes by and the nation's No. 1 college football recruit Robert Nkemdiche is still committed to the Clemson Tigers. Another day goes by with more questions regarding whether or not his commitment is final, or if he will flip to another school.

Nkemdiche was in attendance at Ole Miss this past weekend to watch the Rebels take on the Texas Longhorns. Robert's brother, Denzel, plays linebacker for the Rebels so it would seem like your run of the mill visit to watch a family member play, but Clemson fans should be really worried about this visit.

The pressure to play for Ole Miss appears to be on.

Another defensive prospect, 3-star linebacker Duke Riley was also at the game, and according to Brandon Red of 247Sports.com, he and Nkemdiche talked about the Ole Miss program:

Riley said the game helped him realize how important he could be to the team. Adding in Robert Nkemdiche, Riley said he feels the two could make the Ole Miss defense dominate, if they were to sign with the Rebels.

“After the game, the coaches told me they need players like me. They tell me I can come there and make an instant impact,” Riley said. “I’m sure they were telling Robert the same thing.”

Riley said he talked with Robert Nkemdiche about Ole Miss rebuilding. He said Denzel Nkemdiche told them both that they needed to join the Rebels team.

Clemson fans, this is the point of the article where those alarms in your head should start going off...

This is bad news for the Tigers.

As the No. 1 recruit, Nkemdiche is naturally under a ton of pressure in regards to his decision, but it appears as if the external pressure to leave Clemson is building up.

His mom has openly acknowledged she's unhappy with his commitment to Clemson via Zach Schonbrun of ESPN The Magazine—kind of a big deal and reputable publication—and now, according to Riley's report, he's apparently getting pressure to play with Ole Miss from his own brother.

Sure, Ole Miss doesn't have the ranking of Clemson and they are part of the powerhouse SEC conference, but remember, a part of recruiting is selling the future.

If Ole Miss can pitch Nkemdiche on the fact that he can be the major part of their turnaround and that he can be the reason that Rebels' football gets put back on the map, they could have a shot at swaying him.

While it may seem outlandish considering the potential Clemson offers him, don't forget the x-factor. His brother reportedly wants him to join the rebuilding movement as well, and that's one thing Clemson doesn't have.

If his family has anything to do with the decision, Tigers fans should be extremely worried about Nkemdiche's latest visit to Ole Miss.

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