UFC on the Silver Screen: Top Fits for Fighter Movie Roles

J.P. Gaston@JPeGxContributor IIISeptember 18, 2012

UFC on the Silver Screen: Top Fits for Fighter Movie Roles

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    The UFC is packed with stars. While we often see these guys on big screens at bars, friends' houses or, for the lucky few—our own houses. We rarely see them on the big screen.

    You know, the one that costs about as much per view as a UFC event

    So what if the UFC found it's way to the silver screen? Ever wonder (or are you now wondering) who might take on the roles of some of the star fighters?

    Well, grab some popcorn and scroll on through. We've got the list of who's who in the slides ahead, perhaps you could piece together your own plot (and share it in the comments).

    Let's do this.

Kenny Florian Played by Jake Gyllenhaal

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    To begin this feature film, we need to start out in the lightweight division with Kenny Florian. Sure he's semi-retired (he'll come back for one more, come on) but this guy will make the movie for sure.

    He's well-spoken, fit and, best of all, he gets an actor in Jake Gyllenhaal who'll help bring more women to the theatre just by having his name on the poster.

    Gyllenhaal has the attributes and looks to match Florian here almost perfectly. His voice is a pretty decent match as well in this case.

    Sign him up, let's get some co-stars.

Jake Shields Played by Ryan Reynolds

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    Jake Shields may be a slowly fading name but he's kind of a funny guy if you've ever seen his interviews. He smiles a lot and enjoys a good laugh.

    Ryan Reynolds is exactly the guy to fill this role.

    A comedy star who loves action as much as he loves a laugh, Reynolds commonly combines both in his movies (Blade: Trinity, for example). This guy has the skill set to match a Jake Shields character

    Ryan doesn't even have to work on his take-downs. After taking out Paul Levesque in this flick (of WWE's Triple H fame) with a solid double leg. He could do better in the stand-up department though, also much like Shields.

Forrest Griffin Played by Josh Hartnett

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    (Photo: Lahiguera.net)

    Forrest Griffin and Josh Hartnett: These guys look so much alike they might as well be brothers.

    After a few punches to the face, the resemblance will be uncanny.

    Undoubtedly just like Griffin, Harnett will be a bloddy mess by the end of this film. He'll need to do just as Forrest does and put it all out on the screen, leave nothing in the tank.

    With experience in movies like Lucky Number Slevin, Harnett has the skills to be a certified action star, or a stand in if Forrest can't make a fight in the future.

    Either way, this guy is in. He's got the charisma, smile and such anexact face that I'm pretty sure he cut off Forrest's and borrows from time to time.

    Creepy. Next!

Anderson Silva as Played by Samuel L. Jackson

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    Straight up awesome here. Anderson Silva, one of the baddest mother-

    Shut your mouth!

    But I'm only talkin' bout Silva!

    Samuel L. Jackson is a pretty obvious match for Silva. One of the greatest fighters + one of the most bad-ass actors = starring role in our yet-to-be-written film.

    When thinking of his role, consider some of Jackson's previous roles.

    There will be no snakes, no Royale Burgers and no guns but this guy is definitely going to light up our screen. He will have the slickest lines, the deepest voice and the best action scenes.

    This matches with Silva's exciting fights, though the voice may be a bit off and I'm not quite sure what Anderson is saying a good portion of the time because of my uni-lingual background. At any rate, a fighter like Silva flat out deserves an actor of Jackson's calibre to fill his roll.

Michael Bisping as Played by Vinnie Jones

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    Had to double check this picture to make sure I put up Vinnie Jones here and not just a photo of Bisping.

    Bisping likes to throw down and who better to exemplify that on screen than Vinnie Jones, star of Lock, Stock & Two Smokin' Barrels, Snatch and X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

    This guy loves to brawl, just like Bisping. He's a tall guy with a couple lunchboxes for hands himself. He and Bisping could have been mistaken for twins if it wasn't for the years separating them.

    A little bit of make-up to cover the age difference on screen and Vinnie is the perfect guy for this role, complete with accent and angry demeanor.

Rich Franklin as Played by Jim Carrey

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    Rich Franklin. This guy seems like he has fun and, for a smart dude (math teacher? Really?!), he's a great fighter and happens to have a head on his shoulders too.

    While Carrey might struggle in the action parts, who cares if he's going to be funny and enjoyable to watch? This guy is a great actor who's going to make Franklin look good on the screen.

    He'll need to cut his hair though, he's grown it out a bit and that's something Franklin doesn't (and perhaps can't) do. But this guy is hilarious and is going to bring some comedy into our story, whatever that happens to be.

Georges St-Pierre as Played by James Franco

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    James Franco may not be your first thought when you think Georges St-Pierre, but hear me out.

    Stare at this picture. Then imagine him with his head shaved, and a little bit of a chinstrap thing going on. Now you've got your GSP!

    He'll need some work, but GSP could be one of the fittest in MMA so anybody stepping into this role will need work. He'll also have to work on his accent a bit to get that French-Canadian flare, but I think he can do it. Franco is an extremely competent actor and could be up for the challenge that is GSP.

Rashad Evans as Played by Cuba Gooding, Jr.

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    I've read this one a few places and thought it an extremely good fit.

    Not only is Gooding good at the action role but he also has a knack for comedy that could match that sort of attitude that radiates from Evans as soon as he walks in a room.

    On top of that, these two are like identical twins. With Rashad's recent performance, it may have even been Cuba Gooding Jr. fighting his last few fights for him while he took a break, who knows.

    All I can say is, this movie is going to be a star-studded event. I can't wait for the premier.

In the End, Who Else Will Be There for the UFC Premier?

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    In the end, this is going to be a sweet movie. I don't really care about the story so much as I do getting quality actors to play quality fighters.

    While there are some other players who should be included in possible cameos, I think eight stars should be enough. This isn't The Expendables, you know.

    There are a few fighters who have to play themselves because they already have experience on the big screen.The Iceman, Rampage Jackson and Randy Couture are three that pop into mind immediately who will definitely be in this movie to give it a bit of a real feel.

    I recognize this will likely end up being a guys movie, a Man's Man flick.. but damn it, it would be one I would go to for sure.

    So my challenge to you now is this: In the comments below give us a plot line for this film, along with an appropriate title. It can be any genre, though I would suspect some kind of action film with a bit of comedy may be best given the actors involved.

    Give us your best shot.

    Go ahead, make our day!