Dear Roger Goodell, Thanks for Ruining Monday Night Football

Nick KostoraContributor IIISeptember 18, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 20:  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell participates in a news briefing after his meeting with U.S. Senate Majority Whip Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) June 20, 2012 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Goodell was on the Hill to discuss bounties in professional sports.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Dear Commissioner Goodell,

I hope you are truly happy with the pathetic excuse for an NFL product that has been displayed on every week's crown jewel, Monday Night Football.

As you get into the sauna at the billionaire's club, maybe you could take a few precious minutes to check out the national embarrassment your league put on tonight, one worse than any episode of "Whitney" or "Jersey Shore" could ever provide.

The collective country has been forced to watch in sheer disbelief as the first quarter of the game between the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons dragged on for over an hour.

Your officials look incompetent, under-qualified and overwhelmed.

However, it is not these poor excuses for referees that deserve the blame. No, it is you, Mr. Commissioner.

You deserve the blame for putting these men and woman out on the sacred pastures of the NFL gridiron without any semblance of proper training or preparation.

Now, your glaring mistake has become the league's worst nightmare.

How will you explain the bench-clearing scuffle in the first quarter that resulted in only one yellow flag called against "93 Red?"

Or, how about when Broncos center J.D. Walton chose to toss an official away from the pile and the act went unflagged?

These constant delays are going to keep games going for five or maybe six hours.

Did you think the country would not take notice?

Are we supposed to blindly follow your every decision and assume it is for the betterment of the product?

Newsflash, Mr. Commissioner: We are not the sightless herd of sheep you intend for us to be. We will oppose your poor decisions, and we will voice our complaints.

When Broncos coach John Fox scolded your replacement officials and screamed in their faces, it seemed that an unsportsmanlike conduct flag was on its way, but that proved to be untrue.

You cannot simply throw referees onto the field whose only experience comes from six-man football or the Lingerie Football League

These Monday Night Football officials have often looked unable to return the game to a sense of normalcy or order.

These refs are afraid to upset anyone—fans, coaches and players included. It is an embarrassment to the game we all love.

How many incidents will we have like the one surrounding Brian Stropolo?

I'm sure you know him, the replacement ref that showcased his allegiance to the New Orleans Saints on his Facebook page and the man you came awfully close to placing on the sidelines in a game involving his favorite team.

These are mistakes that cannot be ignored.

This is the greatest sport in the world, Mr. Commissioner, and you are in charge of its best and most prestigious league.

Start acting like it.


Football fans everywhere.