What Could Happen at Wrestlemania?

Daniel SumrallContributor IMarch 4, 2009

With six of the participants being decided for the "Money in the Bank" match for this year's Wrestlemania, I started to think what could WWE be doing by not having some of their high-flyers in the match.

This is strictly my opinion. After seeing Rey not qualify for the match and seeing the spoilers of The Brian Kendrick not qualifying, I started thinking that maybe they are going to bring back the Cruiserweight Championship.

Now this is what I think may happen. After Monday's Raw, we kind of see a feud building up between Maryse and Melina. Maybe at 'Mania they have a match that unifies the Women's Titles. That title would become exclusive to one brand, probably Raw, and open up the possibility of another title for the other brand, the Cruiserweight Title.

I see a match maybe happening at Wrestlemania involving Rey Mysterio, The Brian Kendrick, Chavo Guerrero, and Hurricane Helms to crown a new Cruiserweight Championship.

There could be more added if need be. If this title becomes exclusive to Smackdown, I definitely see Rey going back to Smackdown at this year's draft.

As far as the final two participants in the Money in the Bank, I see the returning Mr. Kennedy and Evan Bourne taking those spots. Unless they put Bourne in this Cruiserweight match and give Christian a spot in the Money in the Bank and have Swagger defend against Dreamer.

But my opinion, I see a triple threat for the ECW title.

So please feel free to comment, but I see a Women's unification match (and it may not just be one on one, after reading what McCool does on Smackdown and the possibility of Trish Stratus having an appearance at 'Mania), a Cruiserweight battle-royal, a triple threat for the ECW title, and Bourne and Kennedy being in the MITB match.

Now I just wonder what they are going to do if anything for R-Truth, Kofi, Kozlov, Knox, and Regal at Wrestlemania.