Fans Chant for The Nexus on RAW: Why WWE Should Deliver Them

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2012

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The "Nexus" chant on Raw was loud.

It wasn't just a small part of the crowd, like the ECW chant was for Paul Heyman earlier. It was loud enough that the announcers actually acknowledged it, which really says something.

The fans didn't want to see Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel fight each other, they wanted to see them take on the world again.

WWE would be wise to listen to the fans and bring the group back.

Part of why people want The Nexus back is because the end of the group was so unsatisfying. They just slowly split apart. There was no final story told.

After an amazing beginning, WWE just gave up and moved onto the next thing.

But the excitement of new stars was too enticing. Fans were angered how the group was treated after their incredible start.

Most of the group have never recovered.

The best example is the star of the stable, Wade Barrett. His career has been floundering for some time. It seems WWE is trying to get serious about him again in a bare-knuckle brawler gimmick.

But who wants to see a bare-knuckle brawler, when you could instead see him return to form as the leader of The Nexus?

They wouldn't have to waste months having him wrestle squash matches, complain about the competition or even have to mention his "barrage" again.

He would immediately become a main-eventer, and all of his friends would come along for the ride.

Face it: Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, and Darren Young have never been as important or as over as they were during their time in The Nexus.

Some of the other former members of the group should rejoin.

David Otunga is a glorified jobber, but he could at least give The Nexus another member for their numbers game.

WWE seems to think Ryback has potential as a top star, but he would arguably be more important as the enforcer of the group.

He could turn heel, and mow down babyface opponents. This could help ignite his character, and finally give him some direction. It would also make The Nexus look more credible.

In the end, no matter how much success each member has had outside of the group, they would be worth more to the company as a single unit.

WWE should be careful though. Not all former members should rejoin.

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have reached new heights this past year, and should continue to do their own thing. Michael Tarver and Mason Ryan should also stay out, though for the exact opposite reasons.

Still, there a lot of others who could join.

WWE could comprise the group of whatever members they feel like. It could lend an aura of excitement for the fans, trying to figure out who was going to join next.

They could toss in Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty again. Or they could bring up some new wrestlers like Tyler Black to fill out the ranks.

With the band back together, there are a lot of exciting possibilities.

A reformed Nexus would immediately make WWE TV more interesting. It would give John Cena, Sheamus and Randy Orton fresh opponents.

There's only so many times they can each face Tensai after all.

Punk and Cena will likely end their feud at Hell in the Cell. The company is going to need their next big angle to keep the show going into Royal Rumble before the road to WrestleMania begins.

With all of the key players of The Nexus still in WWE, they could learn from their prior mistakes and build some momentum throughout the fall and winter.

WWE has always claimed they listen to the fans, but they tend to ignore the adult male crowd, even though they are often the most vocal.

John Cena gets booed everywhere he goes, Ziggler and Punk get cheered by a large portion of the audience.

Why not actually listen to what the fans want, give a group of mid-carders something to do and give and give them The Nexus?