Cricket Under Terror Attack in Pakistan

Deepak JainContributor IMarch 4, 2009

So, the inevitable has happened.  All the cricketing nations were apprehensive about traveling to Pakistan for cricket tours citing security reasons but Pakistan was confident that nothing is going to happen.

But with this attack on Sri Lankan cricketers in Pakistan all the fears have come true.  Now no team will dare to go to Pakistan in near future until the situation changes drastically.

Now with Taliban being pushed out of Afghanistan by American forces, they have taken positions in Pakistan which is already termed as "Terrorist state."  Now it looks like Taliban will take over Pakistan in due course, if Pakistan does not show the determination to eliminate terrorism from its grassroot level. 

Taliban and other Pakistan based terrorist outfits are trying to throw tourism, sports out of Pakistan so that it becomes easier for them to capture Pakistan and start ruling in their own way as they were doing in Afghanistan.

US and allied forces took bold steps by attacking Iraq and Afghanistan to eliminate terrorism from this world but now it looks like that they have to do something more in Pakistan also to eliminate terrorism from this world which has become epicenter of terrorism.

Coming back to cricket, the World Cup in 2011 which was to be hosted by four nations in Asia is under threat.  Even if we leave Pakistan, it will be very difficult for India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh to put up a strong case as the whole area is affected by terrorism someway or the other.

Taliban and other Pakistan based terrorist outfits are pressing hard to create tension in India on one hand and on the other Sri Lanka is in conflict with LTTE and Bangladesh is recovering from mutiny.

Still I feel that Sri Lankan cricketers were fortunate to have survived such as brutal attack and I hope that no such incidence happens in future anywhere in the world and “Our World becomes safe heaven for everyone.”