NEWS FLASH: Steve Carlton To Head Alex Rodriguez's New PR Team

Perry ArnoldSenior Analyst IMarch 4, 2009

The Headline is Wishful Thinking 101.

A few days ago this writer contributed on this site with a suggestion to all those writers who were spending so much time on A-Rod's steroid use to just stop it.

Now, I have the same advice for A-Rod (aka Stupid).

In the event no one has heard the latest from Rodriguez, he said yesterday that he wished Jose Reyes was leading off for his team, meaning the New York Yankees.

Reyes, the Mets' shortstop would obviously have to replace Yankee captain, Derek Jeter, and Yankee left fielder and lead off man, Johnny Damon, in order to meet A-Rod's desires.

In making this ridiculous statement he showed complete and utter disrespect for two of his teammates or are among the most important cogs in the Yankee machine.

A-Rod makes a base salary reported at about $27 million per season.

For god's sake, can he not afford some duct tape?

Can he not afford a hypnotist?

Can he not afford enough body guards to keep the press away 24/7?

This won't affect Derek Jeter. He is a consummate professional and he is going to go out every day and play his game and produce as he has always produced.

This won't affect Johnny Damon. He also will do everything his diminishing ability will allow him to do to try to win games. He never gives less than his all and nothing Stupid says is going to change that.

But this may affect some of the other players on the team, some of the younger players, some of the newer players.

Those who follow the New York Yankees aren't sure what impact stupid things such as this will have on CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Mark Teixeira, or Nick Swisher.

At what point do players such as these look at the incredible maelstrom they have joined in New York and say: "Man, nobody told me it was going to be like this all the time."

Stupid has been a buddy to young players, Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera. No one knows what happens to kids like this when division comes to a team because of Stupid.

There is no doubt that the gaggle of reporters that follow the Yankees are going to be asking Nick Swisher, Brian Bruney, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy how they feel about the disrespect shown to two of the veterans on this team.

Manager Joe Girardi is going to have to face these questions as well. So will GM Brian Cashman.

Instead of being able to focus on preparing the team for a season that starts one month from Friday, management, coaches and players have this Stupid stuff on their minds.

With the distractions of Torre's book, the steroid controversy, ratting out his cousin/drug mule, stiffness in his hip, questions about whether he has used his two very young daughters as props, and the loss of as many as ten players to the WBC for up to three weeks, how much more can this team take?

Everyone connected with this team should be concentrating fully on baseball.

Hitters should be working on their swings.

Pitchers should be working on their cutter or change up.

Infielders should be learning how they are to play a bunt with men on first and third.

Outfielders new to their positions should be learning where to expect the cutoff man on a ball hit into the corner when the runner tries to go from first to third.

Instead, now they are having to think about what their response should be when asked about the new controversy created by Stupid.

So, I am begging A-Rod to stop, shut-up, take a step back and do what ever it takes to find Steve Carlton's number. Get Lefty on the phone. Get into his head. Seek the best advice the Hall of Fame pitcher can give you on how to deal with the press.

And when Lefty tells Stupid to Never, Ever, Under Any Circumstances talk to the Press, again, let's just hope that this time Stupid gets it.

Let's just hope he remembers that he is not Paris Hilton, that he is not Brittany Spears, that he is not even Madonna.

Let's just hope he shuts up and plays ball. 


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