Will Soccer Ever Catch On Big in America?

Mike KentSenior Writer IMarch 4, 2009

Where are all those who said the MLS will never catch on in America?

Despite their gloomy predictions, soccer seems to be doing just that, and it looks like this is just the start.

Yes, the attendance is low and many Americans don't think they will ever be MLS fans.

However, the MLS is still finding fans and growing as a sport here in America. As a league, the MLS has gone from being comprised of only 10 teams to now having 15; and they are said to be expanding soon by adding two more teams.

Bringing players from FIFA like David Beckham has certainly gotten more Americans interested.

I think that if the MLS keeps on bringing "Big Name" players to America, more fans will get interested. The entire world was excited for the MLS when David Beckham came to Los Angeles to join the Galaxy. While they didn't even make the playoffs, many followed Beckham.

The MLS has stated it wants to expand to 18 teams by 2011, and because the MLS is growing ever more popular and expanding their fan base, I don't see why not. If they expand into the right cities, they may end up being the "top sport" in some places in the US.

I never liked soccer before I'd heard about the MLS. However, now I follow the MLS and know about players like Juan Pablo Angel and other Red Bulls players.

Granted, I don't know everything about soccer, but I do know a lot more than I used to before I started following the MLS.

When the Red Bulls made it to the MLS Cup, I was surprised to see how many New Yorkers cared about it. Everywhere I went, there was a least one guy wearing a Red Bulls Jersey.

I'm not saying that the MLS is the new NFL, MLB or NBA, but the league is becoming one of the top five sports in America.

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso wrote a article like this one (just way better) about how soccer is in America to stay

Good luck to the MLS and the Red Bulls!



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