Trade Deadline D-Day for New York Islanders Fans: D for Likely Disappointment

B.D. GallofCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

While teams gather themselves for a playoff run or shed for fire sale, the NY Islanders are in a different place altogether (besides dead last). They cannot jettison too many players lest they fall below the plimsoll line that the cap minimum capitulates.

This very fact seems all but forgotten as some sites reap the trade rumor "buzz" rewards that they are so quick to denigrate other sites for.

For all the complaint and criticism of trade rumors and trade rumor site flotsam, many fans hang onto any word to the Isles as some hopeful cast on what has been a horrid year for their favorite team.

Meanwhile the largest move the Isles have likely done was their shearing off of the very unhappy ChrIs Campoli and removing Mike Comrie's dead weight.

My post-game observation of Comrie was that he spent more time more interested on where he was going to hang with his buddies after games. That is anathema to a young wide-eyed rookie class who need to focus on the work on ice.

The Islanders sit with a very high and low pick in the first round. They have three second rounders as well for this coming draft. The only way they can take everyone off the books is taking on the kind of salary that can offset it.

This means Martinek, Witt, Guerin, Weight, MacDonald/Danis and Hilbert can only be all sent off IF they are willing to take on the kind of salary that gives them some advantage in a deal to reap an additional draft pick or prospect that makes it worth their while.

Another possible way to deal all the above for draft value is to pickup some waiver pieces that also do the same job on the bottom line. If the Isles deal Joey Mac to some goalie depth starved playoff team, might they take on Gerber's half salary if he enters waivers after the deadline? Or something else like that?

Or perhaps Garth Snow and company have an extensive look and feel for the cap-ology and know what they can get away with since we are so far into the season.

Whatever the case will be, it will not be likely high drama for what the Isles actually do. Though we can question if simple deals will be dramatic as they seem to have extra onus in a season that has been hard to swallow, but somewhat promising on some of the youth brigade.

The likely asking price originally for Bill Guerin is a second round pick and a prospect. That price will not be paid.

Expect third round picks, fourth round picks, and above for most that the Isles actually do move. This will all leave us worth the far bigger pinnacle for the Isles this summers draft day.

Today should be a bigger yawner in Isles Country. This is why I am spending my lunch out with my publisher at a swanky restaurant and then a cigar bar.

Wake me up when it is over.