Wright on, David: Fans Have David Wright's Back

Wendy AdairAnalyst IMarch 4, 2009

Mike Francesca was completely out of control calling David Wright "immature and unable to handle criticism" because of him not wanting to be on his show. He knew what was coming and did not want or need the distraction going into the WBC.

All of this started in September of 2007, after the first collapse, and it escalated when Wright was seen talking to Carlos Delgado about not taking the curtain call after his second home run in April of 2008, which we all know is ridiculous, he would never talk someone out of something to please the fans. Then, after another disappointing September, Francesca kept up his attack on Wright, so he got totally fed up and refused to talk on the radio show. That surprising event fueled Francesca's hatred even more. 

David Wright stands in front of the media every day during Spring Training and the World Series, win, lose, hero, goat, exhausted, sick, out of breath, clutch, or unclutch—it doesn't matter. This kid sits or stands there in front of the microphones and cameras, as many as 20 per day and takes whatever comes his way, whether he receives praise or blame and will openly praise teammates for their successes while never boasting about his successes or publicly blame others for the team's failures.

It always seems like they are trying to get him to stick his foot in his mouth and baiting him with questions that could make him appear to be either incompetent or ignorant, he has shown himself to be neither, which for some reason, draws the ire of people, they want the "golden boy" to show a sign of weakness. When he refuses to take the bait and answers politely and sticks to what is being asked, he is criticized by the fans for being bland, politically correct, and cliché.

Wright seems to be in a no-win situation when it comes to dealings with the media unless he has the clutch game-winning hit; only then do people have no problem with him talking on behalf of himself or the team. He is a great kid who everyone seems to sincerely enjoy talking to and he will talk to anyone and everyone (even the 3rd base umpires between and during innings) at great length so the fact that he was so upset and offended that he would not go on the radio show speaks volumes.  Unfortunately, this situation will most likely cause him to shy away from certain interviews at least at first, and things could get even more awkward, but media dealing especially in New York is tricky and he is still learning his way and admittedly talks to Derek Jeter in great detail about such matters.

People forget that he is only 26 years old and does not have substantial MLB experience (less than 5 years) and has only played for the Mets, and will not always be able to have the answers that we want to hear, but we know that he is trying his hardest to handle the off-field distractions, and we respect his willingness to shield his teammates from the media glare  We should be very proud of him as these distinctions are more than you can say about most current Major League Baseball players.

I am sure that Mets management nudged him into speaking to Francesca off the air, combined with his leaving for the WBC and he did not want to leave his teammates in a awkward position of having to speak for him, but at least it was done with class, and hopefully we can all move forward and appreciate what David Wright does for the Mets and for the fans of New York.