Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the Most Irritating Figures in Sports: BR5

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Ever been really bothered by someone in sports? Well, you're not alone. Here's BR5's list of the most annoying and irritating people in sports.

First up is the immensely annoying Drew Rosenhaus. Rosenhaus not only reps some of the more colorful and irritating figures in sports, he is one himself. In fact, he's in the running to be more obnoxious than his illustrious clientele. Rosenhaus was the first super-agent who became a bit of a celebrity in his own right—so much so that he even has a spot in his own commercial for Burger King.

Skip Bayless is pretty irritating on his own, but when you stick him with Steven A. Smith, the annoying meter explodes. These two together is like the Irritating Armageddon. When you're talking about Bayless, you know he's going to talk about Tebow and LeBron, and you know he's going to run it into the ground.

Jerry Jones has been irritating ever since he purchased the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. Angering fans everywhere, his first move was firing the beloved Tom Landry. Since then, he's made questionable lineup decisions, been in the headlines frequently, and now he's in commercials. Yikes.

When your nickname is "Money" or "Pretty Boy," you're bound to rub people the wrong way. With Floyd Mayweather Jr., you could definitely say that's the case. The controversial fighter has not only become synonymous with being undefeated, but he's developed the reputation for posing with his piles of money and famous friends. Yeah, pretty annoying.

Alex Rodriguez likes a few things—Cameron Diaz, muscular blonds and annoying the heck out of people. This polarizing NY Yankee will go down as one of the most dominant players in the game, but even some Yankees fans would admit that he gets on their nerves.

Ever since Shaquille O'Neal retired, it seems the former All-Star thinks he belongs in comedy. Shaq has started "The Comedy Shaq Network" as well as his co-hosting duties on NBATV. Sometimes we just wish Shaq stuck to basketball.

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