A-Rod Wishes Jose Reyes Would Be a Yankee & Injury May Keep Him Out of WBC

Kevin RozellSenior Writer IMarch 4, 2009

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A-Rod made an interesting comment earlier today, which sparked the media’s attention. He told reporters that he wished Reyes would play for the Yankees. “I wish (Reyes) was leading off on our team or playing on our team. That’s fun to watch,” A-Rod said.

I have no problems with what A-Rod said at all, but I guess people like to twist his words. All he was saying was that Reyes is a great player, and he would like him on his team. Seriously…who wouldn’t? 

The only reason why he is getting bashed is because DJ plays shortstop for the New York Yankees. I highly doubt that was supposed to be a knock on Jeter. I understand why some people are getting upset, but I think everyone is taking every little thing out of his mouth and making it much bigger then it really is. 

I thought it was an innocent comment that is just being blown way out of proportion. It makes for great headlines though. You know the media loves this type of stuff. They feed right off of it.

Peter Abraham brought up the idea of trading A-Rod for Wright. If it was my choice…I rather have the circus. Wright has proved to be a choke artist himself down the stretch. Haha. Rodriguez is a far better player…


Could A-Rod miss the WBC? Alex might not play in the upcoming WBC tournament due to a new hip injury. He will travel to Vail, Colorado, where he will be examined by Dr. Marc Phillipon.

This doctor is a hip specialist at the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic. The Yankees said that Alex has been experiencing tightness and stiffness in his right hip. A team physician examined him this past Saturday, and an MRI revealed that he might have a cyst on his hip.

I wouldn’t worry so much about this, as the Yankees have cleared him to do his normal physical activities. They also allowed him to play in a spring training game today, so how serious could it be?

Now the question is whether or not he will be allowed to play in the WBC. The Yankees might keep him out of the tournament for all we know. I’m sure we will hear more about it soon.

Here is the statement the Yankees released:

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez will fly to Vail, Colo., on Wednesday, and will be examined and evaluated by Dr. Marc Phillipon, a hip specialist at Steadman-Hawkins Clinic.

After experiencing right hip tightness and stiffness this spring, Rodriguez was examined by Dr. Chris Ahmad, the New York Yankees team physician on Saturday in Tampa, Fla. An MRI examination—also administered on Saturday—revealed the formation of a cyst in the right hip. Dr. Ahmad determined that a follow-up examination with a hip specialist should be scheduled.

The Yankees contacted Dr. Phillipon on Saturday to schedule an appointment, and Wednesday (tomorrow) was the first day he could be seen in his office.

After consultations between the Yankees’ medical staff and Dr. Phillipon, and because there has been no functional pain, Rodriguez was cleared to continue baseball activities until Dr. Phillipon could examine him.

“We felt it was in everyone’s best interest—for the team and the player—to send Alex to Dr. Phillipon, who is regarded as the leading expert in his field,” said Brian Cashman, New York Yankees Senior Vice President and General Manager. “Alex has proven his durability throughout his career, and we will take every precaution and step necessary to ensure his health as we near the start of the 2009 regular season and beyond.”Any future determinations or comments regarding Rodriguez will take place only after his appointment with Dr. Phillipon, and the exchange of information between the doctor, the team and Rodriguez is complete.


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