WWE Night of Champions: 5 Puzzling Questions Left After the PPV

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistSeptember 17, 2012

WWE Night of Champions: 5 Puzzling Questions Left After the PPV

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    The sixth edition of Night of Champions is now in the vault. Overall, the pay-per-view was above average, with a great level of action to satisfy the WWE Universe.

    Yes, some matches were predictable, but those were the matches that most people didn't mind the result being what they expected.

    The PPV did leave us with some puzzling questions, and even suggestions, that quickly need to be answered.

What Is Next for Kane/Daniel Bryan?

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    The tag team duo of Kane and Daniel Bryan is unquestionably a breath of fresh air for the division. With them being champions, it will cause much more intrigue to see who their competitors will be, as well as if they can consistently get along with each other.

    Dr. Shelby's presence is a good added touch to the pair as well.

    Since they are leaning more towards being a babyface tag team, it would make the most sense for the Prime Time Players to be the next pair to feud with them.

    Whomever it may be, this decision definitely spices up the relatively bland tag team title picture.

    By the way, Kane—see you in Disneyland!

Where Does Dolph Ziggler Go from Here?

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    Dolph Ziggler lost cleanly to Randy Orton at Night of Champions. Although this wasn't necessarily a bad decision on behalf of the WWE, it does leave one wondering what is next in line for Ziggler.

    Ziggler has the Money in the Bank briefcase; he does not have to win matches.

    Case in point—Daniel Bryan. His win-loss record was nothing to brag about during the span of winning the briefcase and cashing it in. However, after he won the World Heavyweight Championship, he has not looked back since.

    Ziggler can fall in this same category. The only thing is—he needs to remain relevant. They should have at least teased him for cashing the case in at the PPV to heighten the anticipation level regarding him winning the title.

    Is another random feud the answer? Hopefully not, but it seems like that is what they may decide to do.


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    WWE pulled a Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan swerve by having Kaitlyn attacked by an unknown assailant before her scheduled match against Layla, leaving her unable to participate in the match and Eve assigned as her replacement.

    Eve then defeated Layla, becoming the new Divas Champion.

    The Divas division has been excruciating since Layla claimed the title. Her as a babyface is just not going over with the crowd. Maybe her return at Extreme Rules, when many expected Kharma, still has an effect on the audience's disinterest in her. Whatever it is, taking the title off her was a good move.

    Does this Kerrigan angle continue? Maybe it would add more interest to the division, with Booker T eventually finding out that it was Eve behind the scheme, resulting in a match with Kaitlyn.

    Whatever the case may be, the Divas are in dire need of something that sparks some kind of curiosity.

Does Cody Rhodes Go Back to Jobbing?

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    Having the Fatal Four-Way Intercontinental Title match at Night of Champions was an excellent decision. It gave a feud between Miz/Cody Rhodes against Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara a good direction by having all four of them compete against each other.

    The match itself lived up to the expectations and was a good opener for the show.

    Before Cody Rhodes' win against Rey Mysterio last week on Raw and subsequent post-match attack on Mysterio and Miz, he was going down the undesired path to Jobberville. This is rather surprising for someone who was on the inside track to be a main-event star a little over a year ago.

    Does Rhodes go back to being a jobber and become the latest victim of the John Morrison-Shelton Benjamin-MVP complex—all the talent in the world, but never reaching main-event level? Hopefully not, but WWE would have to turn him or Miz babyface if Cody still wants to be exclusively involved in the IC title picture.

    Miz would be a good choice, but it doesn't seem the WWE would want to make that decision as of yet.

Does the Big Show Return to Align with CM Punk and Paul Heyman?

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    Since shortly after the Triple Threat WWE Championship match at SummerSlam, the Big Show has disappeared from WWE programming without any proper explanation. Although his presence is not greatly missed, he still is expected to return.

    An enforcer role for CM Punk would be the best option—especially leading up to the Hell in a Cell PPV. There is a significant gap between Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell to add this element to the Punk-Cena feud. Good in-ring promos can only go so far.

    Something has to be done to freshen up the feud other than the "Dusty Rhodes finish" we saw at the PPV (which was relatively a good idea).

    Big Show aligning with Heyman to conspire for Punk continuing his consecutive WWE Championship reign and against Cena becoming champion would be the best fit for the Big Show at this stage of his career.


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