CM Punk Draw: Convoluted Finish vs John Cena at WWE Night of Champions Is Ideal

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistSeptember 17, 2012

With a convoluted finish that resulted in a draw at Night of Champions, the duo of CM Punk and John Cena managed to put on another excellent match and continued their feud without either man looking weak before Punk walked away as the retaining WWE Champion.

Punk and Cena steal the show every time they enter a ring together, but when the stakes are raised on a pay-per-view and the title is on the line, these two superstars make magic.

The WWE Universe complains about Cena’s moveset being too bland, but he doesn’t pull out his technical savvy until he needs it.

Sunday night was one of those times the leader of the Cenation needed every move in his arsenal.


John Cena Is Still Superman

As much as the smart wrestling fans enjoy what CM Punk is doing right now and realize the magnitude of what they’re watching, John Cena is still the WWE’s top guy, and it’s not even close.

With that being said, the object of Sunday’s match was to allow Punk to retain the WWE title while looking strong against Cena, all the while allowing Cena to look just as strong as ever too.

After several finishers, submissions and moves we haven’t seen from Cena in a long time or ever—a flying dive through the ropes to the outside, for example—Cena raised his game to meet the superior talent of his competition.

Say what you want about Cena, but he was just as impressive as Punk at Night of Champions.


CM Punk Is Still Champion

The biggest key coming out of this match was that Punk retained the title.

While the WWE champion didn’t look as strong as he could have had he won clean, the fact that he retained over Cena in an epic battle that saw superman throw every move in his arsenal at him proves he is a legitimate top heel in the company.

The match itself was enough to get even the most jaded wrestling fans off their seat with excitement or animosity at least twice during that bout, but it was the convoluted ending that gave Cena the pop he deserved before handing the title back to the man that needs it more.

There is no questioning that Cena is still the more polarizing figure, but the WWE is slowly building Punk’s title reign as one of the most legendary in the company’s history.

Retaining the title means plenty more Punk, and that’s a good thing.


Everyone Is Happy

The hardest part of putting on a wrestling show for any company is making everyone that buys the PPV or attends it live happy. There is no way that every fan walks away getting what they want, but the WWE did an amazing job giving everyone something in the main event Sunday.

While Night of Champions overall didn’t live up to the hype, the main event was one of the best matches of 2012.

The WWE title match won’t win any awards because of the convoluted finish, but the Cena fans got to watch their star look amazing throughout and the Punk fans got to see their champion look strong against Cena and ultimately retain.

With the majority of the WWE Universe confused about the ending, the company itself walks away happy because they know they hooked the fans and convinced them to watch Raw to understand exactly why the match ended the way it did.

After such a great bout, everyone from the combatants to the children sitting at home got exactly what they wanted.


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