Chiefs of New: Will Cassel, Pioli, Haley, and Curry Make Kansas City Relevant?

david hallCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

Okay, excuse the old-school Dino Hackett picture to lead the article, but as a kid growing up in Liberty, MO with the Dino Hackett growth chart on my wall, the Chiefs have always been my life, and to this day occupy too much of my time and energy.

Lots going on right now, a lot to talk about, as everyone knows this is strictly opinion. 

However, as die-hard fans, we know a lot more than we take credit for. 

We watch every game, read every report, DVR every game, and truly understand the game, the team, and the players. 

So we should appreciate the opinions we all share.

Soap box spoken, time for business:

Kansas City's needs in the upcoming NFL draft are vast, but let’s focus on needs, not wants/desires.  Example, wants/desires are Pamela Anderson of the late '90s, needs are average Jane that loves us, is attractive yet not ostentatious, a great mom, cooks and cleans, get the picture...

We don’t need Crabtree or Maclin; we need Curry, Monroe, Orakpo, Mualuga, Cushing, Laurinaitis, English, yadda, yadda...


First Round: Curry, Monroe, or trading down are the only options.  Don’t count Pioli out for trading down—if so, I see Mualuga, Cushing, Johnson, Maybin, or Laurinaitis

Third Round: So many possibilities...I will stick to position not names, as names are extremely variable after round two. DE, DT, and OL(C) in priority order.

Fourth: LB, DL, RB.

Fifth: OL, CB.

Sixth: DE, LB.

Seventh (Compensatory): TE, WR.

Draft Recap: We need impact players on defense and offense, grab the best linebackers,  defensive lineman, and offensive lineman available, regardless of the round.

Sleepers: Jason Phillips (ILB – TCU), Gartrell Johnson (RB – CSU), Joe Burnett (CB – UCF)

Cassel Recap… The Cassel trade is great as Whitlock said on paper, lets see how it pans out.  The whole Pioli thing is a little fraternity-esque, the secrecy is annoying, and as much as I admire the Belichick success, the Belichick (Pioli) way is irritating,

But I have to say I like the activity and the intrigue brought to the Chiefs. I mean, when are the Chiefs ever on Sportscenter?  One last thing—Vrabel coming in will be a huge addition this year.

Final thoughts:

1.  I hate the term rebuilding. Any team can win, any year—mind over matter.

     Mentally, players, coaches, and management talk themselves into rebuilding so the expectations are set low, so losing is accepted.  We need to not do that—this is the NFL. 

     To mock Dennis Green slightly, but being serious: “We are who we thought we were.”

2.  Make an effort to acquire via free agency and more importantly draft to make the meanest defensive front seven and offensive line in the AFC West.  It has to be the mindset—it may not happen, but it has to be intended.

3.   Use Tyler Thigpen frequently. He is a lethal weapon—and you know what? He is a team player, willing to do whatever it takes to play, and has a will to win. The Chiefs cannot let his talents and abilities wilt away

     We don’t need Pat White—we have a Pat White with experience on our roster already.  Cassel just made it more challenging for defenses.

Hope you all enjoy my insight. I am optimistic that we can win the AFC West this season—I believe it.