Milwaukee Brewers in the News (3/4)

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009


Last Game: Brewers 8, Opponent 6

Spring Training Record: 3-3-1


Today’s Game

The Brewers packed their big bats today in an 8-6 win against the Rockies. Casey McGehee, Chris Duffy, Mike Rivera, and Trot Nixon all jacked home runs in the win. Yovani Gallardo and Trevor Hoffman both looked good, but Villa and Stetter struggled.


Brewers News


All the Brewers have signed, Yovani Gallardo agreed to terms today.

Looper might go on the DL to start the season to be on the safe side. I don’t know what’s worse, the veteran Suppan sucking up in ST or Looper’s health concerns. has 45 of the worst contracts in baseball. The Brewers have two and I bet you know who they are. That’s right: Suppan and Hall.

The Junkball Blues believes Prince Fielder will be a great doubles hitter, the likes of which we have not seen since the days of Lyle Overbay.

This guy on FoxSports would disagree with ya, seeing as how he put together a list of top home run hitters and Braun and Fielder are both in the top five.

One Blog believes that the key to the Brewers' sucess is Manny Parra. I’m impressed that they actually went out on a limb and didn’t do the usual “Prince Fielder” or “Rickie Weeks” being the key. I agree that the Brewers need a solid year from their very young starters, especially Manny Parra who has more experience than Gallardo right now.

Mark DiFelice will be the starter for the Italian team and will throw to Vinny Rottino. This is nothing but good news for both of these guys. They need playing time at a high level, and the WBC will give them that.

The Utah Standard wrote a little something about Manny improving his focus.

According to this Houston Blog, the Brewers and Cardinals' starting rotations are both looking up at the Cubs and Reds. At least they know not to put the Astros on top—I’d be so angry about pitching if I were an Astros fan.

And finally, Ryan Braun will be on the Letterman show during the Top 10 on Thursday.


Minor Leagues

Ready for another Saturday of buying tickets? T-Rats tickets go on sale on March 14 and they’re even having a game at Miller Park on April 24 for 10 bucks.


NL Central

Remember Randall Simon. Here’s a recent quote since he’s in the WBC:

“I think it’s something that’s going to be good for me because it keeps memories of me,” joked Simon, who was a member of the Pirates when the sausage race incident occurred. “As long as people don’t take it in the wrong way, I don’t have a problem with it.”

Once a dumbass, always one.


Other News

Another news blurb about Koskie. I wish the guy the best, but come on now. has an insiders look at Phoenix during Spring Training. I love that this is coming out now and he states you need to “book early.”

The Sheboygan Press ran a blurb about the Brewers making a run for Pedro Martinez. Are we really that worried about the rotation? It should show you how I feel about this by not even putting it under “Brewers News.”