WWE Night of Champions 2012 Results: Who Should Be CM Punk's Next Challenger?

Adam NystromCorrespondent IISeptember 17, 2012

Photo credit: WWE.com
Photo credit: WWE.com

Who saw the result of the John Cena vs. CM Punk match at WWE Night of Champions coming?

We have speculated since the night after SummerSlam, when CM Punk pinned The Big Show and once again retained the WWE Championship. I honestly thought the giant himself would factor into the decision for this match.

What we got instead was a decision not seen since Triple H and Shawn Michaels closed out 2003 with a similar decision, where the hometown hero seemingly reclaimed the ultimate prize, only for the result to be revealed as a draw.

John Cena, naturally, was dumbfounded at the end of the match, demanding that it not end in a draw. He got clobbered by Punk with the WWE Championship for his effort. 

This all sets up a rematch inside a diabolical structure in six weeks for the most prestigious belt in all of wrestling, where Punk will wrestle Cena at Hell in A Cell.

Or does it?

Let's get something straight: John Cena cannot beat CM Punk one-on-one. Punk pinned Cena at Money in the Bank 2011. He did the same thing one month later at SummerSlam. 

We will never know what would have happened at Raw 1000 without The Big Show's interference, but the record shows that Punk emerged with the WWE Championship intact. Sunday night, Punk once again walked out of a title match as the champion.

Why exactly does John Cena deserve a rematch?

Cena needs to look inside himself and examine why, despite his ability to consistently overcome adversity, he cannot win the big one against Punk.

He was so preoccupied earlier this year with his match against The Rock that he failed to realize his bigger issue: the WWE Championship escapes him every time CM Punk is in the opposite corner.

In my opinion, Cena should face off against CM Punk inside Hell in A Cell. We have six weeks until this will happen. If Cena wins, the rivalry continues, and Punk gets his rematch at Survivor Series.

If Cena loses to Punk one more time, that's it. He takes time away from the landscape of WWE and re-examines himself to understand why he just cannot come up with the big victory anymore.

Paul Heyman has something brewing. We have seen him driving CM Punk around the city of Chicago and conspiring outside the ring in Montreal. Despite being in Punk's corner last night, Heyman did not lift a finger to interfere in the main event.

Over the next few weeks, Heyman will plant seeds of doubt inside the mind of John Cena deeper than anybody else before him.

Kane attempted to do the same thing during their feud before WrestleMania, and Cena was having none of it. Kane and Heyman are both cerebral terrorists, but Kane's lunacy and compulsion are not a match for Heyman's cunning and wit. 

This slow build of CM Punk vs. John Cena has been nothing short of incredible, and the new variable of Paul Heyman is about to cause a chain reaction which will set the course of WWE for the near future.

Strap in, folks. We are in for a bit of turbulence.