David Beckham-Cristiano Ronaldo: Not As Different As You May Think

DJContributor IMarch 4, 2009

Okay, before you start ripping me about the headline, please read the article. This in no way has anything to do with there soccer abilities. Here it is plain and simple. Beckham: Great, not good player. Ronaldo: One of the greatest players ever. I am a fan of both players and faithfully have been following both careers. 

Here is my dilemma with soccer fans and the media.  Both players have contracts with Los Angeles and Manchester United respectively.  Both want to play for another team and have expressed there desire publicly.  Yet it seems like Becks is the one getting eaten alive by anyone who can speak or type. 

Beckham wants to stay in Milan past his loan deal. Ronaldo wants to, dreams to, play for Real Madrid.  Beckham has a couple of years left on his contract, while Ronaldo just got an EXTENSION to his current contract about a year or two ago.  Both want out, yet only one seems to get all the criticism.

My personal opinion is that I wish both could've ended their great careers with United, but that's not the way sports work anymore.  Both have won all that there is to win with the Red Devils and I completely understand if they want different challenges in their sporting careers. 

According to many online reports, Ronaldo already has an "agreement" reached with the Spanish club for a summer transfer, so maybe he may get his shots then. Look, Ronaldo won't lose any fans or sleep if he makes the move to Madrid. The guy is still young and will continue to light up the soccer world.

Beckham on the other hand is on a short time frame to continue playing football at the highest level in Europe.  If big clubs in Europe want to have him on their squads then more power to him. 

He wants to continue playing for his country and in the next World Cup. He's given enough to the game and has earned the right to do what he wants.

So before you go on bashing Becks and eventually Ronaldo for leaving their clubs while still on contract, ask yourself this question: If I was in that situation, what would I do?  And lets not forget they aren't the first nor will they be the last players to do this in their respective sports. 

That's the nature of the beast these days.

So with all due respect....GET OVER IT.