WWE Night of Champions the Biggest PG Pay Per View Yet and It Delivered

John KindelanAnalyst IIISeptember 17, 2012

The PG era has been under attack since its inception, it was not created due to elections or sponsorship promises, it was created because that is the direction society had headed. The FCC was handing out fines like it was Christmas after the famous wardrobe malfunction of the Superbowl and television followed suit. The Attitude era was slowly dissolved and replaced with a more politically correct entertainment. The WWE has been trying to comply, less blood, no chair shots to the head, funnier segments and gearing more segments to a younger audience.

Some of the WWE Universe is not happy with this.

On Sunday night, the WWE put on the pay per view, Night of Champions and it by far was the most truly PG rated event they had done yet. A partnership between the WWE and Susan G. Komen gave way for the WWE ring to have its middle rope colored pink. Several other superstars donned the pink in support of breast cancer awareness. John Cena, most notably, changed his green attire for a new pink shirt saying "Rise Above Cancer" and on the back saying "Never Give Up."

The night continued its PG style atmosphere and promotion when it promoted Vortexx on the CW Network. The Saturday morning kids television block started on August 25th on the CW network and includes such shows as The Justice League, The Power Rangers and now WWE Saturday Morning Slam. This is the first time in over ten years that the WWE has put on programming in a kids television slot. The show will have behind the scenes footage, highlights from the "Be a Star" anti bullying campaign and an exclusive match to the show.

Putting WWE on Saturday mornings with cartoons echoes back to the 80s when a lot of current wrestling fans began watching. With characters like JYD, Hillbilly Jim and Koko B. Ware back then, it will be interesting to see if this Saturday morning slot births some new characters for the WWE.

The matches at Night of Champions also seemed to cater a bit to a younger or PG audience, more so than previously. The first match for the Intercontinental title had both Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio two young fan favorites, along with The Miz and Cody Rhodes. The topper to the match might even have been that The Miz won but was blindfolded by Sin Cara's mask.

The Daniel Bryan and Kane tag team match and build up is another example of PG at its finest. Hugging it out, childish arguments and being silly while still keeping adults entertained has been going on for weeks with these two. JBL as guest commentator even made several remarks in regards to what has happened to the WWE since he left. He was shocked to see the two men hug in the middle of their match. 

The entire night was a good pay per view. A surprisingly great match came from Zack Ryder and Antonio Cesaro. The two put on a fantastic show with some maneuvers that had never been seen before, if someone in WWE is handing out bonus checks for great performances these two need to get on the list. It could even be said that their match surpassed the match between Orton and Ziggler which while it was good, seemed to have to many resting points and a little too much ground work. Sleeper holds not only put your opponent to sleep, but sometimes the audience as well.

Other articles prior to the Night of Champions wrote off the event as a 'throw away' pay per view, but the WWE did not treat it as such. The reviews seem very positive and not one of them discuss the PG atmosphere that took place. Is it possible that the WWE Universe has begun to accept the format that has been in place for well over five years now? Or is it that when you have good stories, solid performances and handle the fun PG stuff for a younger audience in a way that keeps everyone intrigued you have the formula for a successful show.


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