WWE Night of Champions 2012: What Is Next for CM Punk and John Cena?

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2012

Photo by Feedback via Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Feedback via Wikimedia Commons

WWE Night of Champions saw controversy between John Cena and CM Punk in their match for the WWE title.

Both superstars fought valiantly to win. It was a seesaw bout between the champion and challenger. Punk, in his Yankee-style attire, did everything he could to retain. Cena, sporting Bret Hart colors while representing a great cause, showed up and gave Punk all he could handle. Unfortunately, neither man would be victorious in the match.

The match ended with Cena hitting a belly-to-back suplex, pinning Punk. Cena began to celebrate. He appeared to become the WWE champion once more, but the referee stopped him. Cena’s shoulders were down as well.

The match was ruled a draw, and therefore, CM Punk is still your WWE champion.

What’s next for both men? A rematch should and must happen.

No way should the WWE let it end like this. The fact it ended in a draw will keep fans talking about who the better man was. Some fans will debate Punk is still the champion, and that’s all that matters. Some will argue that Cena was robbed and should have been champion again.

This debate probably already started as soon as the draw was ruled official. That must be the point. The draw gets the fans talking, while saving both guys. Having Cena lose to Punk again in Boston would have been devastating and possibly crushed Cena’s momentum. Having Punk lose would have certainly derailed his momentum since he’s the hottest property the WWE has right now.

The ending was perfect in that regard. Their feud needs to continue without one becoming victorious. That is the logic behind the draw. That is a legitimate reason to keep this feud going. It extends their points made in their intense promo on last Monday’s Raw.

However, fans would have loved a victor in the match.

A winner would have solidified either man in their quest. For CM Punk, it would have made his reign as one of the best ever credible to every wrestling fan. For John Cena, a victory in Boston would have been greater than any of his previous WWE title wins. For either man, beating the other would have been the icing on the cake.

Don’t be discouraged, wrestling fans. CM Punk and John Cena will meet again for the WWE championship. Only this time, there should be a definitive winner.