WWE Night of Champions 2012 Results: What We Learned from Randy Orton's Win

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistSeptember 17, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler put on a solid match at Night of Champions.  While it may have seemed like Ziggler's night going into this match, Orton would be the one to come out on top in the end. 

Ziggler has struggled recently with the Viper, and after Night of Champions, it seems like the Show Off will have even more work to do if he wants to shake off Orton.

With Orton's victory over Ziggler at Night of Champions, we learned several things about both Orton and Ziggler.

Was this the right type of push for Ziggler?  When will he finally get involved in the World Heavyweight Championship scene?

Since Orton beat the Money in the Bank winner, should he be considered for the new No. 1 contender spot or will he continue his feud with Dolph Ziggler?

Orton's win revealed several questions and answers as we move forward from Night of Champions.


Ziggler Isn't Ready

Ziggler isn't ready to take a shot at the world heavyweight championship just yet.  Sure, he won the Money in the Bank contract and even managed to send Chris Jericho packing, but with his recent loss to Randy Orton at Night of Champions, how can we expect the Show Off to successfully take out Sheamus?

Ziggler simply isn't ready to make the next big move into the world heavyweight championship spotlight, and Orton's win at Money in the Bank proved that.

His feud with Randy Orton needs to end with Ziggler winning for it to be a successful push in the right direction.

As of now, Ziggler seems less likely to be able to cash in his contract now that Orton was able to take care of the Show Off at Night of Champions.


Orton Moving Forward?

With a win against Dolph Ziggler, should Orton be viewed as moving forward?  While these two will more than likely continue their feud next week on Raw and SmackDown, should Orton be given a push for the No. 1 contender spot now that he silenced the loud mouth, Dolph Ziggler?

With Alberto Del Rio losing at Night of Champions, it only makes sense for Orton to be the new No. 1 contender as we move into more pay-per-views.

Will this solid win over Ziggler be enough to push Orton forward?  Or will he be stuck feuding with the Show Off.

Randy Orton is a dangerous competitor and can hit his RKO from almost anywhere, something Ziggler wasn't ready for.

Still, it wasn't much of a shock to see Orton win, and if he doesn't move closer to the World Heavyweight Championship scene soon, it seems like the Viper is wasting his time with meaningless feuds. 


Vickie Guerrero Does Nothing

Vickie as Dolph's manager is a joke at this point in the wrestler's career.  She may scream a lot, and get the fans aggravated, but she does nothing to help Ziggler win.  Orton was able to make short work of the Show Off while Vickie stood by ring side screaming her head off.

Why not try to distract the Viper?  Or maybe she could pull Ziggler out of trouble?  Instead she does nothing, and while her main purpose seems to be to get Ziggler heat, that too is failing.

Vickie does nothing for Ziggler, and it's time for her to be attached to another wrestler.


Orton's Winning Was Pointless

In the end, Orton's win is pointless.  Why bother having the Viper beat Dolph Ziggler?  Who does that really help?  Ziggler clearly needed this win more than Orton.  Their match may have been solid, but their feud is pointless.

Will Orton be given a No. 1 contender spot for this match?  Probably not.  Does Ziggler look less like championship material now?  Unfortunately, he does.

Unless the WWE plans to continue this feud for months to come, it's time for one of these two competitors to move on.  Either one of these wrestlers would be a better No. 1 contender than Del Rio, so why are they being thrown into a meaningless feud?

Ziggler needed this win more than Orton.  Everyone already knows how good the Viper is.  If Ziggler isn't ready for a heavyweight title push, that's fine, but the WWE needs to set him up to look like he is ready for the push.

Orton won this match, but in the end, it didn't benefit either wrestler.