WWE Night of Champions 2012 Results: Zack Ryder's Win Was Too Predictable

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 17, 2012

image Zacktatisc
image Zacktatisc

As soon as the superstars were announced during the WWE Night of Champions pre-show, it was obvious Zack Ryder would win. I'd hoped Ted DiBiase or Michael McGillicutty would get a push, but I knew that was unlikely.

I suppose we should be happy, at least Santino Marella didn't win the Battle Royal. If I had to watch he and Antonio Cesaro again, I would have been sick. In case you aren't aware, the winner of the 16-man Battle Royal would earn a shot at Cesaro's U.S. Championship.

Ryder was victorious, but then again, that was painfully obvious based on his competition.

Heath Slater is the WWE's current doormat, so that means he had no chance. He was predictably eliminated first. McGillicutty and DiBiase were eliminated shortly thereafter. 

Tyson Kidd had a strong showing, but as usual, he came up on the short end of the stick. Brodus Clay was the only superstar who fans could have even partially believed had a shot to face Cesaro.

There were a few decent eliminations, notably Lord Tensai's powerbomb elimination of Kidd. Beyond that, it was one of the worst pre-show matches I've seen in a while.

My expectations were already lowered because the match is offered for free, but even with those adjusted standards, this was a disappointment.

I have nothing against Zack Ryder; he's exciting in the ring. But a little more intrigue would have made this match better.


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