Bill Parcells Rebuilding the Dolphins His Way

glenn warciskiCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2008

 With Miami Dolphins senior executive officer Bill Parcells at the helm, I think he will have the Dolphins in the playoffs in 2008 or 2009.

Living down here in South Florida, I think there is excitement because the Tuna is in town determined to make the Miami Dolphins competitive again. Coming off a disastrous 1-15 season, Miami has hit rock bottom. With Parcells calling the shots, there is hope and optimism a proud franchise will make a comeback.

Coming out of "retirement" for the umpteenth time, Parcells was first interested in the Atlanta Falcons job. As a long time New York Football Giants fan, I know Parcells is an opportunist. I think he used Atlanta as leverage so he could squeeze more money out of Miami owner Wayne Huizenga. Since Don Shula has left Miami, there has been five head coaches. Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstadt, Jim Bates, Nick Saban, and Cam Cameron. Clearly, the wheels are following off here in Miami, Huizenga had to do get the Dolphins back on track. I think will the Parcells hire, without question, the Dolphins are going in the right direction.

Since taking over, Parcells first move was to obtain Jeff Ireland. Parcells worked with Ireland when they were both with the Cowboys. Thankfully, for the Dolphins, Jerry Jones let Ireland go to Miami. Today, Ireland is the general manager. I think Jones could have made a fuss about this. Because I think Parcells is the GM and Ireland is his assistant. I think Parcells will stay down here in Miami for at least 4 years. Then he will retire again. Subsequently, Ireland will be running the franchise.

Before even naming a head coach, Parcells was busy hiring assistant coaches. I think this was odd. Generally speaking, a head coach is hired and then he builds his staff. I think Parcells already had Miami Head Coach Tony Sparano under contract. Parcells was waiting for Dallas Cowboys to lose in the playoffs. During the playoffs, Tony Sparano was an assistant coach with the Dallas Cowboys. In the meantime, Parcells was inteviewing coaches for the vacant head coaching job. I think this was a sham. I think the coaches who Parcells interviewed knew it too. I think they were afraid to speak out because I think Parcells wields a lot of power around the NFL. These coaches kept their mouths shut.

Speaking of keeping things tight lipped, Parcells does not like any of his inner circle speaking to the media. This goes for the head coach as well as assistants. A few weeks ago, Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports broke a story about the Dolphins shopping their best player Jason Taylor. When Parcells got wind of this he told ESPN's Chris Mortensen in an interview this was irresponsible journalism. To this day, I do not think Cole has retracted his story. I think Parcells was incensed news was leaked about Taylor being on the trading block.

In addition, Sports Illustrated's Peter King broke a story about a video of former Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan sent from BC coach Jeff Jagodzinski to Bill Parcells. If this is true, this is against NFL rules.  A NFL team cannot solicit a college team for information. Generally, NFL Films has video of potential draft selections. A NFL team will ask NFL Films for a video of a college player. To this day, Miami Sr. VP. of Media Relations Harvey Greene asserts no request was made by Parcells or Ireland. Moreover, BC coach Jag has denied sending a tape of Ryan to Parcells.

Over the past month, Parcells has used free agency to begin revamping the current Miami roster. Miami has signed quarterback Josh McCown, WR Ernest Wilford, LB Reggie Torbor, WR Tab Perry, DB Nathan Jones, Kicker Dave Raymer, S Keith Davis, FB Boomer Grigsby, LB Charlie Anderson, DT Randy Starks, TE Sean Ryan, obtained NT Jason Ferguson in a trade with the Cowboys. With all of these signings, I find the acquistion of former 49ers guard Justin Smiley questionable. His signing was announced 27 minutes into the free agent signing period. Before the free agency signing period began on February 29th, I think Smiley had a contract already in place. If this is the case, this would be in violation of NFL rules.

Whether  Parcells' behavior is questionable, I think the NFL would have to investigate. Needless to say, I think he will turn around the Dolphins like he did  the Giants, Patriots, Jets, and Cowboys.