WWE & TNA Wrestling Presents the Final Day PPV: Part One

christian orendorfContributor IMarch 4, 2009

Open Scene.  Camera angles begin showing the Six-sided ring with the labeled on the mat ‘WWE/TNA Wrestling’s The Final Day PPV’. 

Pyrotechnics cut off from the ceiling above the ring...

Cameras cut to the announcing booth...

Mike Tenay and JR Ross sit ringside.


JR: Hello, folks, and welcome to WWE and TNA Wrestling’s first ever pay per view, The Final Day!  JR Ross here, with me, TNA Wrestling’s finest commentator, Mike Tenay!

Tenay:  Thanks for that kind introduction, JR.  Hi, I’m Mike Tenay, and what an exciting lineup we have in store for fans tonight!

JR: We’re first gonna start this off right with a fatal four way between some of the best and brightest up and comers in the business today, Chris Sabin versus Evan Bourne versus Jay Lethal versus Kofi Kingston.

Tenay: What a great lineup, there. But that will most likely be toppled by the next match, a title unification match, it’s the Intercontinental Champion, CM Punk versus the X-Division Champ, Alex Shelley.

JR:  That will be a great match I’m sure, but I’m definitely looking toward the Samoa Joe versus Randy Orton Last Man Standing match.

Tenay:  Speaking of Orton, his fellow Legacy comrades vie for the TNA Tag Team Title’s tonight against current champions, Beer Money Inc.

JR:  And how about one of the potentially most vicious matches of the night, the monster Abyss takes on the diabolical Kane in the monster’s ball match!  I’m getting chills just thinking about it!

Tenay: Love that match, but not as much as the dream match, the epic, the first ever meeting when the phenomenal AJ Styles takes John Cena!

JR: That match will truly be one for the ages, but so will our main event tonight.  Shawn Michaels, HHH, the Undertaker, Chris Jericho, and Jeff Hardy takes on the Main Event Mafia in a team elimination match.

Tenay: Enough hype, let’s get to the action…

Camera cuts to the ring where Lillian Garcia stands next to a referee...


Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a fatal four way match.

Cmera cuts to an entrance ramp showing the TNA Wrestling logo. The Motor City Machineguns music begins to play...

Lillian:  Introducing first, hailing from Detroit Michigan, one half of the Motor City Machineguns, Chris Sabin!

Chris Sabin comes down to the ring, gets into the ring, smiling and winking at the fans from the top rope as he points to his hand.  The camera angle then points back towards the entrance ramp, now showing the WWE logo, and Kofi Kingston’s music begins to blare.


Lillian: Coming out next, representing from Jamaica, is Raw’s own former intercontinental champion, Kofi Kingston!

Kofi runs down to the ring, slides inside the ring, climbs on top of another turnbuckle, gives his “BOO BOO BOO” hand slaps to the crowd, and then goes to his corner.  The camera then goes back to the entrance ramp, where the TNA Wrestling logo has reappeared on the ramp way.  Jay Lethal’s music begins to play.


Lillian: Our third participant hails from Elizabeth, NJ. Former X-Division champion, Black Machismo, Jay Lethal!

Lethal make his way down to the ramp, dressed in his full red, white, and blue attire.  He gets into his ring, and throws his cowboy hat out into the crowd.  The fans are cheering more for Lethal than all the rest.


Lillian:  And our fourth and final participant, he hails from St. Louis, hailing from ECW, Evan Bourne!

Evan Bourne runs down the entranceway, slides into the six-sided ring, and spears Chris Sabin, pummeling Sabin with a barrage of punches.  Lethal and Kingston are forced to pull the two away from one another, sending them both to their respective corners.


JR: Oh man, those two have been going crazy at each others throats since Sabin interfered two weeks ago in the ECW Title match between Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger.

Tenay: Yes, the rivalry exploded even further just last week when Evan Bourne interfered in the TNA Tag Team Championship match when the Motor City Machineguns faced Beer Money Inc., costing the Motor City Machineguns the tag team titles.

Lethal and Kingston remain in the ring as the bell sounds. Lethal runs at Kingston, jumping high into the air and utilizing a hurricanrana on Kingston.  Lethal bounces against one of the ropes, and does a dropkick into the kneeling Kingston, sending him to the mat.  Lethal poses for the crowd.


Kingston drags himself over and tags in Bourne, who jumps over the ropes, flying in midair and catches Lethal in the back of the head with a flying clothesline.  Lethal falls to the ground, and Bourne runs over, dropkicking Sabin to the ground from the mat.  Sabin hits his head on the back of the guardrails, and writhes about in pain on the ground.


Bourne turns around, and does a standing moonsault to the laying Lethal.  He goes for the pin, and the referee counts a two count before Lethal kicks out.  Bourne climbs a turnbuckle, and goes for the shooting star press.  Lethal moves out of the way, and Bourne lands on his chest to the mat, gasping for air.


Lethal stands up, and picks up Bourne, sending him to the turnbuckle. Lethal sits Bourne up on the turnbuckle, and DDT’s Bourne from the top rope to the mat.  Bourne begins to get up, when Lethal jumps from the top rope and lands a leg drop against the back of Bourne’s head.  Lethal goes for the pin, and lands a two count before Bourne kicks out.


Lethal goes over and tags in Sabin. Sabin runs in, picks up Bourne, and puts him into a dragon sleeper submission hold. Bourne begins to fight for air. Sabin suddenly picks Bourne up by the back until his chest slams into Sabin’s shoulder, and Sabin flips Bourne forward into a front slam onto the mat. Sabin then gives the Motor CityMachineguns hand sign.


Sabin picks Bourne up, tossing him into the ropes.  He picks Bourne up, and puts him into a tree of woe position. Sabin runs to the other side of the ring, and then does a jumping dropkick into Bourne’s chest. Bourne falls to the ground clenching his chest.  The camera cuts over to Kingston who is looking to tag in. Bourne tries to crawl over, but Sabin lands an elbow to Bourne’s back.


Sabin runs over and yanks Kingston into the ring, and tosses Kingston into Lethal headfirst, knocking Lethal to the ground. Sabin then tosses Bourne to the ground by Lethal, when suddenly Kingstontries a rollup on Sabin. The ref counts a two count before it is broken up by Lethal who jumped in with an elbow to stop the count.

Lethal and Kingston begin to fight it out, returning punches and chops amongst one another. Lethal tosses Kingston against the ropes, and then clotheslines Kingston over the ropes, knocking both of them to the ground.

Sabin then does a running dive through the middle ropes, knocking both Lethal and Kingston down. Bourne then climbs on the top turnbuckle, and moonsault’s himself onto the trio below. Bourne climbs back into the ring and poses.


Sabin climbs back into the ring and Bourne immediately does an enzeguri to the back of Sabin’s head. Bourne picks Sabin up, and Sabin turns it around to go for the cradle shock, but Bourne reverses it into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. 

Bourne climbs atop the rope, and does a shooting star press, landing atop of Sabin.  Sabin writhes in agony, as Bourne goes for the roll up. Bourne gets a two count when Kingstonbreaks up the count, throwing Bourne out of the ring in the process.


Kingston goes for the pin on Sabin when Lethal drops the elbow from the top rope onto the back of Kingston’s head, causing Kingston to roll out of the ring.  Lethal picks up Sabin, and superkick’s Sabin, planting Sabin on the mat.  Lethal goes for the pin and gets the three count, winning the bout.


Lillian:  And here’s your winner, Jay Lethal!

JR: I never in my life thought I would have seen a better match out of these four competitors than I did here tonight.

Tenay:  Neither would I, JR.  These men put in their heart and souls into this one.

Kingston, Bourne, Lethal and Sabin all look at each other, and then shake hands with one another.


Tenay:  That’s the kind of good sportsmanship that our X-Division stars always show.

JR: These gentlemen are class acts.

Kingston, Bourne, Lethal and Sabin all walk out of the ring together. The camera cuts back to Lillian, who is standing in the ring once more.


Lillian:  Our next match is scheduled for one fall, and is a Monster’s Ball match!

The camera cuts to the entrance ramp, where white fire begins to erupt from portions of the stage.  The TNA Wrestling logo shows up against the wall, and out comes Abyss.


Lillian:  Our first competitor hails from parts unknown, he is the monster Abyss!

Abyss walks down to the ring with a bag in hand, presumably tacks.  He climbs into the ring and poses. The camera pans back to the entranceway, where a WWE logo is showing.


Lillian:  His opponent also hails from parts unknown, he is the diabolical Kane!

Kane walks down to the ring with a chair in hand.  He stops before entering the ring, giving an angry, yet vacant stare in Abyss’s direction. Kane climbs into the ring, and poses as the red fire erupts from all 6 turnbuckles. Abyss looks angry and runs at Kane, clotheslining Kane, who drops the chair in the process.


The bell rings. Kane gets up and the two start trading punches. Kane throws a jab under Abyss’s jaw, causing him to step back. Kane irish whip’s Abyss, which Abyss reverses, causing Kane to slam into a turnbuckle. Abyss sits Kane up on the turnbuckle, and then scoop slams Kane onto the mat.  Kane sits up, shrugging off the slam.


Kane stands up, and Abyss clothesline’s Kane over the top rope to the ground level.  Kane falls back against the crowd barrier.  Abyss takes the chair and places it between the top two ropes of a turnbuckle. 

Kane goes under the ring and pulls out a table.  Kane tosses it into the ring, and then hits Abyss from behind.


Abyss starts to get up, and Kane suplexes Abyss to the mat once again, against the table which is still flat on the mat.  It cracks slightly, but doesn’t break.  Abyss rolls out of the ring, as Kane takes the table and places it against a second turnbuckle.  Kane goes out of the ring to follow Abyss, but Abyss irish whip’s Kane into the ring stairs.


Abyss reaches underneath the ring and pulls out Scott Steiner’s signature steel pipe.  He tries to hit Kane’s arm which is laying on the stairs, but Kane narrowly escapes as the pipe ricochet’s onto the ring stairs, causing Abyss to drop the pipe.  Kane picks up the pipe, and jabs it into Abyss’s ribs. 

Abyss starts to hobble away while holding his stomach, but Kane then hits Abyss in the left shoulder with the pipe.


Abyss rolls into the ring, avoiding a third strike from Kane.  Kane tries to climb into the ring, and Abyss drops an elbow into Kane’s back.  Abyss picks Kane up, and irish whip’s Abyss into the table.  Abyss goes for a running charge at Kane, but Kane avoids Abyss as Abyss slams into the table, breaking it in half against Abyss’s shoulder.


Abyss rubs his forehead as a slow trickle of blood eminates from a cut.  Abyss stands up, and he staggers over to Kane, picking him up by the throat with both hands, and planting Kane to the mat with a chokeslam.  Kane writhes in pain, and as he rolls over, we notice a small shard of table fragment has jabbed into his back around the right shoulder blade.


Abyss tries to pick Kane up again, but Kane pushes Abyss off with one hand.  Kane grabs Abyss with his left arm, and spikes Abyss into the turnbuckle with the chair lodged in it, headfirst.  Abyss spews even more blood onto the mat as he lies motionless.  Abyss starts to stir very slowly, as the blood pours to the mat still.


Kane climbs on top of the turnbuckle, and as Abyss stands up, Kane drops the flying clothesline.  Abyss gets back up, and Kane tries for a chokeslam of his own, only for it to be reversed by Abyss into the Black Hole Slam.  Abyss then looks around for the bag he brought into the ring.


Abyss finds the bag, and pours out the thumbtacks over Kane’s body.  Kane rolls around slightly as he is lightly stabbed by the dropping thumbtacks, and then Kane stands up giving an angry look at Abyss.  Kane grabs Abyss, and chokeslams him against the thumbtacks, making Abyss screams in pain.  Kane goes for the pin and receives the three count.


Lillian:  Here’s your winner, Kane!!!

Kane goes to Abyss’s body, yanks out a small clump of Abyss’s hair out of his head, and smiles before walking out of the ring.


JR:  That was insane!

Tenay:  I’ve seen Abyss rip out his own hair before, but never have I watched another man rip out his hair.  That was an all out scalping!

JR:  Kane is a madman!



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