WWE Raw 3/2/09: Quick Questions

Karl ZimmermanCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

Being a novice wrestling fan has its ups and its downs. It's very exciting, because it's fairly new.  But I have lots of questions that I'd love to bounce around the heads of the die hards and newbies alike.

So I'm just gonna throw out some random thoughts regarding this week's Raw, and y'all can feel free to answer any of the questions to help educate a WWE rookie.

Didn't Jericho's cut make him look like a bad ass?

Seven whips with the belt? Is that necessary? Snuka looked ancient.

Did the crowd care that Supafly Snuka was there, cause it didn't seem like it? And where the heck was Sim at?

Wasn't Lawler a little too excited about announcing the title match?

Does anybody else like watching Mysterio work with Kane or Knox? The dude is just straight impressive around those two big men.

Knox's beard is spectacular, right? And what's his finisher called? Ya know, the one that almost killed Jamie Noble? I watched that in slow mo about 10 times cause it was plain gruesome.

Does anyone miss the moping, self- deprecating HBK we've seen the last couple of months?

Does HBK have to say all his nicknames in a row?

Why can't Kelly Kelly where that outfit every week?

Did ya see that nasty throw the Glamazon did to Kelly in the corner?  That looked like it could've gone real bad.

Was Maryse lousy from the announcers table? Yet gave a ferocious DDT to Melina?

Why was Melina wearing that dress if she knew she was going to be in some kind of action?

Did you hear Santino this week? I didn't.

Diva's Champ vs Women's Champ at Wrestlemania 25? Or is that too small?

Does Randy Orton's entrance lights give anyone else seizures?

Do you think it's tough for Orton when the crowd cheers like mad after he says he almost died? Or do you think he loves it?

How does Triple H get all the good lines?

Do you think that Edge and Orton will switch shows? Or Cena and Triple H?

Does anyone think Legacy needs a fourth dude? And some more matches of their own?

Who won the crazy evil stare contest that Triple H and Orton had?

Shouldn't Kozlov have known that Sweet Chin Music was comin' after HBK tuned up the band?

Didn't Kozlov dominate? Didn't that finish make him look weak?

Is there always this much cross promotion of the brands before Wrestlemania?

Why aren't the making the new Legends video game for Wii?

Isn't Edge very very convincing as the A-Hole?

Is all Cena's rapping as good as his entrance music? I'm pretty impressed.

Does anyone else hate it when a match starts with some sort of standing headlock?

Does anyone think the Five Knuckle Shuffle is a good move?

Cena's unbelievably passionate and well spoken on the mic, but can he really wrestle?

Do you smell a triple threat for the World Heavyweight Championship?

Was it me, or did the crowd have no reaction to the Edge vs Big Show announcement?

Well, that's it for me this time. I hope that this sparks some good conversations. If the vibe is good, I might just keep throwin out some questions so the B/R Nation can help me on that great path of knowledge for higher WWE wisdom.