Alabama Football: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly from Arkansas' No-Show

Jimmy McMurreyAnalyst IISeptember 16, 2012

Alabama Football: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly from Arkansas' No-Show

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    Alabama defeated Arkansas in a battle that made history. Yes, this was the worst drubbing of the Hogs by the Tide in all of their meetings. Some parts of the game were good, some were bad and some were downright ugly.

    The Tide basically did whatever they wanted during Saturday's game and any effort by the Hogs was dreadfully ineffective.

    Here's a look at what made the game great, what made it lousy and what we'd rather forget.

The Good: Bama's Run Game

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    Once again, T.J. Yeldon looked like a seasoned veteran running back, rushing for 55 yards on 13 carries and a touchdown. It's not the kind of performance we've grown accustomed two in 2012, but it wasn't too shabby.

    It was Eddie Lacy who was the star of the game, showing that he is well on his way to being healthy. We didn't see him do a lot of spinning but we saw him work in the red zone.

    Gone is Jim McElwain's aversion to running the ball in the red zone. Doug Nussmeier fed Lacy the ball when the time came and he came up with three rushing touchdowns.

    Bravo, Doug, and shame on you Jim for not doing this the past few years.

    The best surprise was the play of Kenyan Drake. He was used most after the Hogs had all but given up, but he still posted six carries for 57 yards and a touchdown. His long run of  21 yards was impressive.

    Little Dee Hart threw in some yardage as well, including a nice 11-yard scamper.

The Good: Bama's Passing Game

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    Quarterback A.J. McCarron didn't have to do much this time around with the potent run game the Tide had going. What he did do, he did well.

    He completed 11 of 16 passes for 189 yards, though he threw the ball away several times to avoid the pass rush. As far as hitting what he wanted to hit, he played a perfect game.

    Kevin Norwood was a bit of a disappointment with a really bad dropped pass, but the rest of the receivers looked great.

    Christion Jones really shined as he shredded the Hogs' defense for 74 yards on only three catches.

    The best surprise of the game in the receiving department was the play of true freshman Amari Cooper. His two catches for 46 yards and a touchdown is exactly what Bama fans were hoping for out of this young man.

The Good: Bama's Defense

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    Alabama's defense pitched a shutout but the score would not have been quite as lopsided if it were not for Alabama's defense forcing five turnovers. It would have been six if DeMarcus Milliner's interception wasn't called back.

    They held Arkansas to 137 yards of total offense and the Hogs didn't even catch a whiff of the end zone. Nope, not even a field goal.

    The star of the defense, in my very humble opinion, was nose tackle Jesse Williams. Talk about an immovable object. I could almost swear Nick Saban dropped a boulder on the line of scrimmage and just left it there.

    In other news, Williams has now officially been used as a fullback in the red zone, à la Terrence Cody. He ran the opposite direction of the running back, but so did the entire Hogs' defense. 

The Bad: McCarron Got Hurt

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    The game was extremely wet early on and the television cameras did a "terrible" job communicating it.

    McCarron fumbled the ball on a snap (completely understandable given the weather conditions), fell on the ball and seemed to tweak his throwing wrist as he went down.

    He then led a touchdown drive with no issues.

    With the game already out of hand, McCarron took a seat and made way for the backups as he iced his throwing hand.

    The good news is that the injury was clearly not that bad. If it was any sort of break McCarron would have barely been able to hold the ball, let alone throw it.

    If it is worse than I think it is then it still likely won't be an issue. Alabama basically plays nobody for the next three weeks. FAU next week, then Ole Miss followed by a bye week.

    That's plenty of time to heal up.

The Bad: Arkansas

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    This game would have been a little better if Tyler Wilson had gotten to play, but it still would have been a 20-point drubbing or worse.

    You have to feel bad for Arky. Bama fans typically don't hold a great deal of hatred for the Hogs as they do, say, LSU and Auburn.

    Then again, Arkansas has yet to defeat the Tide under Nick Saban. It's hard to hate a team that gets stomped nearly every year.

    This game was over by halftime and became dreadfully boring. My resounding "WOO!" was not heard by my neighbors after the first quarter.

The Ugly: John L. Smith.

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    Let's be honest here. This guy doesn't have a clue what he's doing. You can't blame the complete collapse of the team on the loss of one player.

    Arkansas just doesn't have a coach right now.

    They Hogs still had guys like Knile Davis and could do nothing on offense. What's going on with Arkansas?

    And what's up with the weird interview?

The Ugly: Vinnie Sunseri

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    The Vinnie Badger played a great game. He lost the starting free safety position to Nick Perry but he's still seeing a lot of playing time in nickel and dime formations.

    He was all over the field and even came up with an interception when he played his zone assignment perfectly.

    So what was ugly about Sunseri on Saturday? Was it the late hit on the quarterback? No, no it was not.

    Vinnie Sunseri was wearing white pants on a very wet and rainy day. Underneath he was wearing a black athletic supporter.

    C'mon, man!