Ohio State Football: Why the Buckeyes Suddenly Seem Like a Very Shaky 3-0

Luke PashkeCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2012

COLUMBUS, OH - SEPTEMBER 15:  Ryan Shazier #10 of the Ohio State Buckeyes reaches to haul down C.J. Anderson #9 of the California Golden Bears after a large gain at Ohio Stadium on September 15, 2012 in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State defeated California 35-28.  (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Buckeye Nation came into this season expecting fireworks out of their beloved team in their first year under Urban Meyer and while there have been quite a few great moments, the past two games have been extremely underwhelming.

In fact, in the first few possessions of the opener against Miami (OH) the Buckeyes weren't looking too hot and there are some serious problems with this team that must be fixed before they enter Big Ten play.

For one, their offense relies much too heavily on Braxton Miller and at this rate, the young QB won't make it through the season. Heading into this week's game against Cal, Miller had a ridiculous 44 carries in just two games against inferior opponents.

Today the Buckeye's field general only rushed the ball twelve times so the coaches must have realized his carry amount and made adjustments accordingly but the offense is still extremely reliant on Miller.

Another problem the Buckeyes have been having has been poor tackling, especially from the linebackers. In today's game against Cal, there were far too many missed tackles throughout the game and it almost cost them the game. The linebackers must step up and at least become consistent because the only linebacker making a serious contribution is sophomore, Ryan Shazier.

The next issue I have with the Buckeyes thus far this season is a headache Buckeye Nation is all too familiar. Two words. Blown. Coverages. It seems like each game the Buckeye's secondary purposely leaves a receiver completely open just because.

There is an extreme lack of communication between the safeties and the corners and until they fix it, they will continue to get burned and put their chances in jeopardy.

Also, in order to give Miller a rest on offense, the Buckeyes still need a little more production from their running backs. The return of Jordan Hall should help but if they don't produce on the ground, Miller won't make it to the Michigan game.

All this being said, the Buckeyes are still 3-0 and have showed some serious potential. They just desperately need to tighten some screws as the competition rises.

If they can manage to do this, they will have an extremely successful season but if these problems continue to exist, Meyer's debut season could be a serious letdown.