WWE Night of Champions 2012 Predictions: Projecting Biggest Shockers of Card

Mike HoagCorrespondent IISeptember 15, 2012

Who’s going to be the big winner at WWE Night of Champions on Sunday night? With the way things are going, it’s pretty easy to tell the direction the WWE is going with their angles.

However, there are always those one or two things that just seem to shock you and keep you coming back for more each and every pay-per-view.

The shockers are the things the “experts” and predictors can’t account for. Do I have all the answers on what the WWE is planning to do on Sunday night?


But these things would surely be exciting if they end up going down.


Wade Barrett Costs Dolph Ziggler Match

Barrett, seemingly looking for his place in the World Title division, helps out by putting Randy Orton over and sparking a feud with another up-and-comer in Dolph Ziggler.

Orton has needed a victory since returning and who better than Dolph Ziggler, who he’s beaten the last three times they’ve met?

More on Ziggler later.


Dolph Ziggler Cashes In, Defeats Del Rio After Del Rio Beats Sheamus

Ziggler, reeling from an attack earlier by Wade Barrett, decides to cash in due to his frustrations from his loss earlier in the card.

After Albert Del Rio upsets Sheamus and takes the World Title from him, Ziggler will surprise him and cash in, subsequently taking the World Title that Del Rio held for mere minutes.

With this going down, the World Title division could set itself up nicely for Royal Rumble with any other storyline than Del Rio and Sheamus moving forward.


Big Show Costs John Cena the WWE Title, Reunites with Paul Heyman

Despite this being an opportune time for Cena to finally regain the WWE Championship, it’s simply not going to happen as the future of the company is riding on the success of the upcoming Punk/Rock feud that will likely culminate at Royal Rumble.

Big Show is not going to allow it to happen, either.

Another interference by Big Show and another disappointing loss to CM Punk will be the end of the Night of Champions as Big Show unites with Punk and Heyman and leaves Cena in shambles as the PPV fades out.


Mike Hoag is a Trends and Traffic writer for Bleacher Report and also covers the Cleveland Browns and the NFL for the site.