Alex Rodriguez Took Steroids—Now Let It Go

BIG MContributor IMarch 3, 2009

Not suprisingly, ever since Alex Rodriguez told reporters that he took performance enhancing drugs, he has been publicly attacked by every one in the media. 

I say we all let it go.

He has been the only player to publicly admit what he took.

I believe a few years ago his own teammate, Jason Giambi, denied up and down that he never took steroids. Then after months and months of evidence abounding that he took steroids, he finally fessed up.

Giambi apologized to every one, only he never said what he was sorry for.

Rafael Palmeiro went to Capitol Hill waving his index finger at everyone, and we all remember these famous words: "I did not take steroids. Period."

A couple of months later he would test positive for steroids.

I personally do not care if players took steroids.  However, I don't think people are stupid or naive.

Do what your Mom and Dad always told you to do: if you do something wrong, tell the truth and face the consequences.

It always seems like with certain situations there is a double standard.

If Barry Bonds told the truth, would he still be persecuted by the media?

The answer is yes.

People want the truth, and when they get it, it isn't satisfying to them—they need more. A-Rod held a press conference and told everyone what he took, but people are still saying we do not believe him and that there must be more to it.

In baseball right now, every player is guilty of taking steroids.

No player can say they never took steroids. Harsh to say that, but even if that player were to be clean, there is not a person out there who would believe them.

To clear the air, I am by no means a Yankee fan or an A-Rod fan. It's just, it really gets old hearing the same story over and over again.

A-Rod, thank you for telling the truth. Have a great season, and let's play some baseball.