Michael Vick vs. Joe Flacco: Is Flacco Really the Winner?

Ezra Skobeloff@zscoby43Correspondent ISeptember 15, 2012

Will Joe Flacco repeat his efforts in Week 2?
Will Joe Flacco repeat his efforts in Week 2?Evan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick had a bad game in Week 1. A bad, bad game. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had a very good game.

Are we to believe that Flacco has the edge over Vick all of a sudden? 

I'll spare you the cliche words about it being "one week" or "one game," but history proves this anecdote correct again and again and again. 

Let's not forget, however, that one team (the Ravens) played in front of their raucous home crowd, where they went 8-0 last season. The other played on the road.

Things started out nearly exactly the same way for the Ravens and Joe Flacco last season: Baltimore destroyed Pittsburgh 35-7 at home, and Flacco threw three TDs and zero INTs. His QB Rating was 117.6.

Experts and fans alike both wondered if this was the QB's breakout game in a breakout year. Turned out to be a regressive one for the Delaware product. 

Against the Bengals last Monday, Flacco threw two TDs to no INTs, and had a QB Rating of 128.4.

Not that history always repeats itself, but the second week in 2011, the Ravens went on the road (4-4 last season) to play the Titans (5-3 at home last season). Baltimore lost 26-13, and Joe Flacco threw a single TD and two INTs. His QB Rating was 51.2.

Take away what you want from this lovely tale, but I'll tell you what it doesn't prove.

It doesn't prove that Flacco will light up the Eagles like he lit up the Bengals. It doesn't prove that he will play awful in Philadelphia come Sunday like he did last year in Tennessee.

What it does prove, however, is that last week meant practically nothing to this week.

The only thing that definitely carries over from week to week in the NFL are injuries bad enough to keep a player out of the next game.

I don't mean to say that having some rhythm can't carry over from game to game, but NFL teams don't linger on previous games for more than a day for a reason. They end, you learn from what you did wrong, what you did right and prepare for the next one.

As fans, writers, analysts, experts, or whatever you consider yourself, we linger on past games because we can and/or it's our job.

But now that we're one day away from the next game, simply ask yourself: Should people be so confident that Joe Flacco will beat Michael Vick in Philadelphia?