Excerpts From Strawberry's Book

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Excerpts From Strawberry's Book
Deadspin has excerpts from Strawberry's new book.
Nothing that exciting.  They drank beer etc. and Kevin Mitchell was a thug.  Maybe Cahsen was right?
Kevin Mitchell was a thug. There's no other way to put it. He grew up in the ghetto of San Diego, where real gang warfare was an everyday thing on the streets. Mitch was shot in the back when he was a teenager, and a stepbrother was shot and killed in a gang throw-down. When he came into baseball, he was still basically a gangbanger in uniform. Mitch didn't have a medium setting on his dial. When a scuffle broke out he went straight to the kill setting. ... Even those of us on the same team with him were kind of terrified of Mitch. I got into a scrap with him once in the minor leagues, when a bunch of us were shooting hoops and talking trash at each other the way guys do. He exploded into a completely berserk rage at something I said, knocked me down with fists that were like sledgehammers, then went off to grab a bat to finish the job. Me and the rest of the guys didn't wait around for him to come back.

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