Indiana Pacers News

Sixty Feet, Six Inches Correspondent IMarch 3, 2009

A quick post today about some of the news involving the Indiana Pacers. (We're very busy down here in KSOB Land right now.)

Danny Granger claims his right foot is healing well, which is fantastic news for all Pacer faithful. Granger is slowly getting himself back in shape now that he is off crutches. Granger is expected to be out another three weeks. I hope he takes the rest of the season off and makes sure he is 100 percent before attempting to come back.

Mike Dunleavy's injury appears to be awfully serious. Dun claims that it is unlike any injury the doctors have seen before. The knee will probably require surgery and Dun will miss the rest of the season.

He also says that he has known about the injury for nearly ten years, but that doctors continually told him it was just tendinitis. Turns out, it was actually the calcification of the patella tendon in his knee which has now lead to bone spurs on the tendon.

Antonio McDyess comes to mind as someone who had to have surgery on his patella tendon and was never quite the same. Add this up with the fact that Dun has only had one really good season and his weighty contract, and you have a recipe for one of the more overpaid players in the NBA.

Dun's a good guy, and I respect his effort on the court, but it appears his contract will end up being a weight around the Pacers' neck for the final two years of its duration.