Eagles' Reid Has a Plan: Could We Be Saying 'Bye' to McNabb?

Cj LeeCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

Alright, there seem to be some misguided football fans out there. Especiallly out there in Eaglesland, PA.

So, what's gone down this offseason, so far?

We all said goodbye to a true warrior, a guy who we all have grown to love. Brian Dawkins will surely be missed. But for those who are upset over this, I ask, why?

You should have seen this coming! The Eagles never have and never will sign players, even their own, who are above a certain age or whose careers are on the decline.

Come on now, are we supposed to let our secondary suffer just so that we can re-sign a hometown star? I think not, as that's definitely not going to lead to winning.

Winning is about having the most athletic and best players on the field; Dawkins took almost the whole year to finally come around. I doubt we can afford to have a player do that again, as it leads to a slow start. All the great teams let older players go; just check their track record.


So far, the only significant signing we've made is Stacey Andrews. All I have to say is, "Hello!"

Cincinnatti thought this guy was so good that they franchised him last year. Okay, so he is coming off knee surgery (which wasn't as severe as John Runyan's injury) and his brother (Shawn) is having some issues. Well, this could be the year of the Andrews, as there is talk that Stacey will be the RT and Shawn will be moved to LT. Both are Pro-Bowl-caliber players and separated by only a year!


But on to the matter at hand: Donovan McNabb.

The "Mr. I Want So Much, yet Haven't Done Much."

You want to talk about a system quarterback? Here's one who hesitates to run, which used to add another dimension to the offense and was exciting to watch. He's never completed a nice percentage of his passes. I truly believe the Eagles should trade McNabb, since he threatened to ask for a trade if things didn't look right to him anyway.

Reid drafted the guy, while all the fans were booing the pick. Well, turns out it was a good thing we didn't get the headache that is Ricky Williams.

But Reid also drafted Kolb, who may or may not be the future of the franchise...when will he get his chance?


Donovan might be upset the Eagles didn't land Housh, especially since he said he'd like to play with McNabb but instead signed with Seattle.

I, on the other hand, am so happy the Eagles didn't sign T.J. I truly believe he is way over-hyped; this is a guy who benefitted with that other guy on the team being double-covered constantly. Can you say "Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson?"

Yes, I do believe the Eagles will either trade for Boldin of the Cardinals or Johnson of the Bengals. Perhaps they could get Marvin Harrison on a one- or two-year contract, who knows. They will hopefully draft both a WR and RB pretty high in the draft.


But back to McNabb. My question is, why should we even pay him more? Why should we re-work his contract or give him more money? Why should we try when at times last season he didn't?

Can the Eagles please him this offseason through the draft? My answer to that is...

"Who cares?!"

This is the Philadelphia Eagles. Not the Philadelphia McNabbs, or Dawkinses, or anyone else that someone may be upset about the Eagles not pursuing or letting go of.

We have been in the top three as far as winning percentage in the league, and that is simply because the Eagles always have a plan. Eventually, we will win the big one. It's not like we are good one year and bad the next. We are what few teams are and what others want to be: winners.


Now, let's stop getting all angry over every little thing that Philadelphia did or didn't do. Let's wait, see what they do, and judge them not by that, but by how they do the season following all their changes?