Why Are the New York Giants Not Going After Big Time Receivers?

Nick VCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

Reports have come out now that the Giants could be in position to get one of two recievers. These two recievers are both proven young NFL recievers named Boldin and Edwards. The names make Giants fans salavate and give some hope for a reciever to resemble what Burress did for us.

I am not saying that either of these guys are as good as Plax when he is prime and as for a red zone target Plax was one of the best. But both of these guys can catch the long ball and both can score the ball.

Boldin (28) caught for 1038 yards scored 11 touchdowns and missed time due to a visious hit.

Edwards (26) went for 873 yards but only scored three TD's which many believe was because terrible QB troubles. Most judge him on his peformance the year before in which he racked up 1289 yards and 16 TDs.

The Giants new aquisitions of Rocky Bernard and Chris Canty join Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka, Fred Robins, Barry Coefield, and Jay Alford to form a dominant D-line. This has become the focal point of what teams want in a trade.

The Rumored Deals or What Teams Want in Return:

Deal One:

Cleveland Gets: Mathias Kiwanuka

Giants Get: Braylon Edwards

Deal Two:

Arizona Gets: Mathias Kiwanuka or second round pick and Jay Alford

Giants Get: Anquan Boldin

Now looking at these deals I cannot see why the Giants would not be all over these. Especially the Boldin deal in which we only have to give up Alford from our current roster who has now become fourth or fifth on our DT depth chart.

Canty can play either DE or DT and Bernard is clearly a better DT than Alford. We have two second round picks parting with one of them for Anquan seems reasonable.

I believe it is worth the risk as well because who knows what will happen with Burress considering he still has issues with fines he recieved from his incident by the Giants. He also has a four game suspension to serve. If he comes back then we have one of these players and him which is great.

Unfortunately Giants fans GM Jerry Reese has come out and said that the team will PROBABLY hold on to all its defensive line players. Lets hope that probably is very weak and we can make some sort of deal.