FSU Football: Is It Time for the Seminoles to Restore the Order of the ACC?

ABCCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2012

In 2007 Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide suffered an embarrassing loss to the Warhawks of Louisiana-Monroe, a Sun Belt team.

It was a dark time for Alabama.

After his 7-6 debut, Saban blazed the recruiting trails and in 2008 took his team to the SEC Championship game. It was a magnificent turnaround for the Crimson Tide and 'Tide fans quickly forgot about the La. Monroe defeat.

After humiliating losses to Clemson, Wake Forest and Virginia last season, this is where Florida State stands today—can they turn it all around or will the madness continue?

Inexplicable losses to vastly inferior teams like Clemson, Wake Forest, Maryland, NC State and Virginia have gone on too long. These teams have accumulated records against the Seminoles that are hard to understand.

Clemson has won six of the last nine. Wake Forest has won four of the last six. NC State has won five of the last 10. Boston College has won three of the last six.

The list goes on. But it’s misleading.

So much was going wrong with the Florida State program during the last twelve years and just enough was going right for these other programs. Clemson, NC State and Wake Forest, even after the Lost Decade, are not rivals of Florida State. Instead they are inferior programs that have padded their records during FSU’s darkest decade.

The sleeping giant known as Florida State football awakens in mere hours. It’s going to thrash, humiliate and embarrass a ridiculously inferior Wake Forest football.

The Demon Deacons, though, will have nothing to be ashamed of. Florida State is expected to thrash and humiliate its other ACC opponents too, as the ACC is no better today than it was twenty or thirty years ago.

It’s up to these 2012 Seminoles to put FSU back as Boss of the ACC (and show the ACC what a national contender looks like).

It’s up to these 2012 Seminoles to reignite the torch that blew out many years ago.

There’s no next year. It’s this year. This is the year that FSU gets back to curb-stomping embarrassingly inferior ACC opponents and playing for BCS National Championships.

It’s time for the order to be restored.