Clemson Must Impress 5-Star Montravius Adams More Than Alabama, LSU and Others

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 14, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Clemson football recruiting has been a mixed-bag of excitement and anxiety as of late, but they can make a bold statement and cure most of those worries if they impress 5-star stud defensive tackle Montravius Adams enough to get him to commit to the Tigers.

It's going to be much easier said than done, as Adams is a highly sought after prospect and has big programs like Auburn, Alabama and Georgia also on his list.  According to Keith Niebuhr of, Adams will take an unofficial visit to Clemson:

Confirming what was on the schedule provided by his coach, Adams said one-time leader Clemson will get an unofficial. Adams was supposed to be at Clemson last weekend but those plans fell through.

I can't adequately express how big it would be for Clemson to bring in another 5-star defender, so being able to impress him at this official visit is going to be crucial.

He'll be at the game against Maryland, via Niebuhr's report.

The question is: how does Clemson make a better impression than Alabama, LSU and the other SEC schools that are vying for the big-time defender's commitment?

First thing's first, beating Maryland is an absolute must.

Clemson has to consider this a must-win game for reasons that extend far beyond the football field. The Tigers cannot, and I mean cannot, lose to an unranked Maryland team with Adams in the house.

If the Tigers can't beat an unranked opponent at home, how can Adams, or any elite recruit for that matter, expect to win games that really mean something— like ACC championships, bowl games and National Championships?

A win over Maryland won't be enough to beat out the SEC schools though, so Clemson has to turn to the one recruiting point they have that the SEC does not: Robert Nkemdiche

If Nkemdiche is still committed to Clemson, he gives them the ultimate advantage to make the ultimate impression.

Great defensive ends make life much, much easier for the defensive tackles next to them, and that's what the Tigers will have to sell to Adams on this visit. He'd have the chance to play next to the No. 1 recruit in the nation.

With Nkemdiche getting pressure off the edge, the quarterback has no choice but to move up in the pocket.

When the pocket moves up, it makes it easier for good defensive tackles to get after the quarterback.

This means more big plays and sacks for Adams, and that's enough to impress even the most SEC-partial recruit.

Clemson's defense would be absolutely stacked if they can bring in Adams, and their National Championship odds wouldn't be too shabby either.

This visit will be monumental for the Tigers' program, so they're going to have to try and make the SEC seem like a distant memory to the 5-star defensive lineman.

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