WrestleMania 25: Money in the Bank, Is It Going to be a Good Match This Year?

The One You FearCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

We have two participants already in this years Money In The Bank (MITB) match. So far CM Punk and Kane made it.

Today on ECW we will find you who else is in the MITB match, will it be Mark Henry or Santino Marella?

From that match you can see that this year MITB will not be a good match because Kane,Mark Henry or Santino Marella (who ever wins today) are not interesting or fun to watch because they are not really athletic or fan favorite.

Kane was in this match before,and he didn't do so well. Mark Henry has never been in the MITB match because i don't think WWE wanted big, strong, physical guys in MITB match.

Santino Marella is weak,not that athletic and not fan favorite wrestler. His girlfriend (Beth Phoenix) is stronger than him and he set a new record for being shortest time in Royal Rumble (not a such a good record to have)

I think that this year WWE will not have so many athletic superstars in this match,except CM Punk and some other superstar from Smackdown.

I like MITB match but this year's match looks disappointing and not exciting to watch, except if they put Rey Mysterio or John Morison or Jeff Hardy in.

Other Matches that will be happening at WrestleMania 25:

We just found out on Raw that HBK, Shawn Michaels won against (undefeated on smackdown) Vladimir Kozlov and earned a spot to face Undertaker in WM 25 and maybe end the streak of the deadman.

Also, Triple H will have his revenge on Randy Orton as he puts his title on the line against Orton at WM 25.

Next, not surprisingly, Vickie Guerrero announces that Big Show will take on Edge at WM 25 for Edge's World Heavyweight title.