WWE Divas: Why Is WWE Standing by Kaitlyn After Botch?

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IISeptember 14, 2012

WWE Divas: Why Is WWE Standing by Kaitlyn After Botch?

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    It's official!

    There is now some sort of intriguing storyline involving WWE Divas champion Layla, Eve Torres and No. 1 contender Kaitlyn.

    It's no secret at this stage that the young NXT rookie allegedly won her shot due to a botched finish, according to Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com.

    However, the company still went through with it and announced the title match for Night of Champions.

    The question is, why do so if it wasn't the plan in the first place? Could it be that it wasn't a botch after all?

    What other reasons would there be to keep Kaitlyn as the No. 1 contender?

You Can't Go Back but You Can Go Forward

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    What's done is done. Kaitlyn won, no one reversed the decision and it's been made official—she's going to Night of Champions.

    Life gives you lemons, and the WWE makes lemonade.

    The fans will now have a chance to see what this girl is made of. She has the look, has improved in the ring and deserves a chance just like anyone else—so why not?

    I'm all for it.

    After seeing her live and up close this Monday in Montreal, I must say she would look nice with the butterfly belt.

    If the company had changed the decision and officially announced that it was a mistake, her faith in the business might have taken a hit.

    This way, no one gets hurt.

Eve's Time Can Still Come

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    Let's say it was a mistake—no problem.

    It's only one pay-per-view, Raw is live the next night and anything can happen in the WWE.

    Whether or not Eve Torres was meant to be the No. 1 contender is now irrelevant. She is still alive and the show is still on. If she's patient, her time will come.

    Of course, the WWE would have to be much more careful with her eventual title win, if the decision was made to go in that direction. Eve would become the first-ever three-time Divas champion, which is no small thing.

    As a fan, I want to see what Kaitlyn can do. I love the Divas, and I love Layla, but she's done nothing in her five months as champion. 

    Things needed spicing up, and this was a welcome surprise.

Kaitlyn's Win Is a Surprise

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    A mistake is something you do that you wish you hadn't, which you regret.

    A surprise is something you didn't know you wanted until you got it.

    Fate and its infinite wisdom threw the WWE off course. Instead of "remedying" the situation, the writers ran with it.

    Nothing gets by Vince McMahon, anyway.

    He must have realized that Kaitlyn worked hard over the years and put in the time. This is a small reward for all her effort, and I honestly think she is going to win on Sunday.

    The WWE will be eager to see what Kaitlyn can do next, but clearly see some potential in her.

    This is America, the land of opportunity.

    This is a great opportunity for Kaitlyn to realize her dream, for fans to reconnect with the Divas and for the WWE to believe in this division once more.

    Everything happens for a reason.