Cutler Fires at Both Media and Teammates and More NFC North News

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistSeptember 14, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 13: Jay Cutler #6 of the Chicago Bears walks off of the field after throwing an interception against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on September 13, 2012 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Bears 23-10. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There is so much awesome in this article on ESPNChicago by Kevin Seifert, I don't know where to start. Of course, the heart of it is that Jay Cutler, despite a night to forget, still stands as cocky and seemingly arrogant as he always has.

I watched the press conference on NFL Network and, as it did to Seifert, this quote stood out to me:

"I care about this. This isn't just a hobby. I'm not doing this for my health. I'm trying to win football games. When we're not doing the little things or things the right way consistently, I'm going to say something. If they want a quarterback that doesn't care they can get someone else." 

On the one hand, what else is he supposed to say? He was hammered on his quotes, hammered on the interceptions, hammered on his attitude. Cutler isn't a cuddly football interview, to be sure, but as I said about Cutler's "good luck" comment to the Packers' secondary, I might enjoy watching the results of you poking a hive of angry bees with a stick, but that doesn't make it a good idea.

Cutler's right. You want a player who will push his team when things go wrong. However, I question the way he went about it—shouting at a lineman is a time-honored tradition. Hell, Cutler is right—if you're not doing something right he should say something.

Now, bumping his lineman—even as bad as J'Marcus Webb played—is crossing the line. That's your own guy. It's a sign to me that you are losing your cool.

Nobody who watched that game last night can think Cutler didn't lose his cool. The bump on Webb just sealed it.

Is it a big deal? Maybe not. However, if Webb is sucking it up in Week 8 and Cutler is getting killed on a daily basis, it might be.

More Thursday Night Fallout and NFC North news and notes below.


Chicago Bears

Sean Jensen of the Sun-Times talks about the disappointing output of the Bears offense on Thursday.

Jensen also talks about the failure to execute after Cutler's "good luck" comments last week.

Brad Biggs uses his four downs to pick apart the loss to the Packers over at the Tribune.


Detroit Lions

Anwar Richardson writes over at that Titus Young didn't get a lecture from the Lions staff or teammates regarding his ill-thought out head butt. 

Carlos Monarrez of the Free Press says Cliff Avril isn't engaging in a war of words with the Niners' Anthony Davis this time.

The Detroit News' Chris McCosky says the Lions have to find the right combination to counter the Niners defense.


Green Bay Packers

Bob McGinn of the Journal-Sentinel says the win might have been led by Clay Matthews, but it was really a team effort.

More on the defense over at the Press-Gazette from Pete Dougherty.

Bleacher Report Featured Columnist Darin Pike says that with the win against the Bears, the Packers have shifted the balance of power back to Green Bay.


Minnesota Vikings

This is a little dated but I found this "poster" over at 1500 ESPN pretty funny.

Also at 1500, Tom Pelissero says that the Vikings may have one of the lowest payrolls in the league but it won't stay that way.

The Pioneer Press' Jeremy Fowler says that now that he's back to health, Adrian Peterson is setting new goals.


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