Power Ranking the 5 Greatest Night of Champions Moments of All Time

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistSeptember 14, 2012

Power Ranking the 5 Greatest Night of Champions Moments of All Time

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    Night of Champions began in 2007 as a branch of Vengeance before becoming it's own show the following year. It's the only pay-per-view where every WWE title is guaranteed to be on the line, which gives a chance for some fresh faces to emerge.

    Even though the show's history is limited compared to some of the other marquee events on the WWE schedule, it has already produced some great matches. Those memorable moments are what allows a PPV to remain successful over the long haul, instead of simply being a short-term gimmick.

    With that in mind, let's take a look back at the five best battles in Night of Champions history. Based on the list of matches for the upcoming 2012 event, there are a couple of candidates to crack the top five, including CM Punk against John Cena for the WWE title.

5. Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler (2009)

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    Dolph Ziggler started stealing the show long before he anointed himself the "Show Off."

    On a card that also featured Randy Orton defending his WWE title against John Cena and Triple H, it was Ziggler and Rey Mysterio that captivated the crowd.

    The combination of a reliable veteran and a young superstar led to a terrific match, which Mysterio eventually won to retain his Intercontinental title.

    It really became clear after the match that Ziggler had a bright future in the WWE. The difference between superstars who end up in storylines for the top titles and those who get lost in the shuffle is performing on the big stage, which is something Ziggler and Mysterio did at a high level in this match.

4. Edge vs. Batista (2007)

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    Edge and Batista put on the most entertaining bout at the first Night of Champions event. Edge had defeated Batista at both Judgment Day and One Night Stand to retain his world heavyweight championship, and the challenger was given one final chance to take the title away.

    The match had to be restarted after a low blow by Edge, and it looked like Batista was on his way to the victory after a massive powerbomb on the outside. It was a tremendous spot and led to an even better ending to the match.

    Batista wasn't able to get back in the ring before getting counted out, which allowed him to look dominant without having to take the title off Edge. It's one of the better feuds of Edge's legendary career and this match was the highlight.

3. Kane vs. Undertaker (2010)

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    After all these years, you would think the luster of matches between Kane and Undertaker would wear off, but they never have and probably never will. The two have unmatched chemistry in the ring, which has led to several memorable matches, including one at Night of Champions in 2010.

    It was a no holds barred match for the world heavyweight championship. After nearly 20 minutes of awe-inspiring action, Undertaker looked set to take the title with his patented tombstone piledriver finisher.

    Instead, Kane flipped the script and reversed the move to retain the title.

    Not only was it one of the biggest wins of Kane's career, but it once again showed how great he worked with Undertaker. Hopefully, there will be one more feud between these two before the veterans call it quits.

2. Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho (2008)

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    Chris Jericho is an elite in-ring worker, never disappoints on the mic and is quite simply one of the best all-around superstars ever. The one thing he doesn't get enough credit for doing, however, is helping other wrestlers get their big break.

    That's what happened in this match with Kofi Kingston. The high-flying superstar was still a relative unknown at this point, trying to making an impact after getting drafted to Raw. He certainly didn't seem to pose a threat to Jericho's Intercontinental title reign.

    Shawn Michaels, who had been feuding with Jericho, provided help as Kingston picked up the first major victory over his career. It was an outstanding match and really helped Kingston establish himself as a future star.

1. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton (2011)

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    After a long wrestling career, Mark Henry finally had his shining moment at last year's Night of Champions. It was starting to look like the "World's Strongest Man" was never going to get a chance to hold one of the WWE's top belts before he defeated Randy Orton.

    Orton is one of the best workers in the business, and that really helped Henry accentuate his powerful moves. He has never been the most exciting superstar, but when put in the right situation—like this match—he illustrated his true ability.

    Even though Henry's world title reign lasted just 91 days, it was one of the most dominant runs in recent history. He inducted new opponents into the "Hall of Pain" on a weekly basis. Beating Orton was the pinnacle of the run, and it was a well-deserved moment for Henry.