WWE Night of Champions 2012: 6 Wrestlers Who Need to Have a Good Showing

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IISeptember 14, 2012

WWE Night of Champions 2012: 6 Wrestlers Who Need to Have a Good Showing

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    Two days left to potentially the second-biggest PPV event of the year.

    I, personally, cannot wait.

    The WWE has done a good job of building this show up, especially with John Cena facing CM Punk and the feud between Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler, which I think is actually better than some of the potential shenanigans that could take place on Sunday night.

    I am sure we all will have plenty to talk about come midnight after the show.

    With Night of Champions set up to surprise and please us (no Santino Marella, please), here are a handful of wrestlers who need a good showing from the PPV to carry momentum into the end of the year.

Brodus Clay

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    I just don't like his character. There is something about the cartoonish figure with all the tats that I just don't like.

    Nevertheless, Clay needs a nice performance in the Battle Royal to try and face Antonio Cesaro for the United States Championship.

    Clay is such a "cartoon" that he may never be taken seriously. Even with other characters like Mankind, Dude Love, Hillbilly Jim and others, there was a certain degree of "believable" personality. Clay has not developed that yet.

    This Sunday could actually make or break him.

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio

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    Can the feud begin already?

    There is no other way to ask. And while I agree with some fans here on BR that the two should feud, not team together, it speaks to how far down the ladder Mysterio has fallen.

    A feud with Sin Cara makes things a little more interesting and certainly would provide the high-flying antics we love to see from our crusierweights.

    The only thing I hope does not happen is they feud while competing for the Intercontinental Title, which The Miz and Cody Rhodes are already fighting over.

Antonio Cesaro

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    There is a difference between being a great performer and looking good in the ring.

    Now that there is gold around Cesaro's waist, let's see how he performs against better competition.

    Ryback, anyone?

    Seriously, Cesaro has a chance to really stand out on Sunday night in his first title defense on a PPV event. Since the Battle Royal will determine his opponent, it sets up nicely to see how the "greenhorn" handles the competition.

    I believe this is the first step toward true greatness for Cesaro.

Michael Cole

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    After holding everything together Monday night, Michael Cole proved he knows how to deliver.

    And when it comes to this PPV, it would be great to see the WWE announcer continue to show his talents.

    I believe his "charatcer" in the WWE has been used up and now it is time to see Cole as the commentator who can complement others and make them better.

    He should get more credit than he has gotten for handling the difficult Lawler situation on Monday night. He is a good talent on the microphone and better than we think as a wrestling analyst.

    Cole should have a great night Sunday.

CM Punk

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    OK, the heel change is complete. The dark side has taken CM Punk. And the "Darth Vader" of the change, Paul Heyman, is standing by his side.

    I love the way the WWE has built this showdown with John Cena. It isn't Rock/Austin, but it's pretty damn good.

    I think someone said that before in another column.

    Now that Punk is being packaged in another form, let's see if the old stuff still shines through. We all know what we are getting when he enters the ring. And we all know he and Cena are magic when they're both on.

    I think we will be very happy with what we see from this match.