Ohio State Football: Where Braxton Miller Reminds Us of Tim Tebow

Luke Pashke@@luke_pashkeCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2012

Ohio State Football: Where Braxton Miller Reminds Us of Tim Tebow

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    Considering that both players play under the same coach and have similar play styles, it's only natural that people will compare Braxton Miller to Tim Tebow.

    Tebow is one of the greatest college quarterbacks of all time and played for Urban Meyer at Florida. The former Gator was a dual-threat quarterback and was even better known for his phenomenal leadership on and off the field.

    Meyer's current QB has a similar play style and has shown flashes of greatness and excellent leadership for his young age. In just two games, the sophomore has put up huge stats and looks to get better and better with each snap.

    While I'm not saying Braxton Miller has already exceeded Tebow as a player, the two certainly share a few interesting similarities.

Both Are Dual-Threat QBs

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    This is probably the most obvious similarity between the two quarterbacks, but it can't be overlooked. Both Tebow and Miller are dangerous on the ground as well as through the air and are a perfect fit to run Meyer's offense.

    It's hard not to notice how similar Miller and Tebow play the position and the only difference in their play is their running style. Miller is a bit quicker and more elusive while Tebow was more of a power runner. Due to their unique abilities, both quarterbacks excel in Meyer's spread system and can't help but remind us of each other.

His Competitivness

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    Even in his freshman year, Miller proved that the moment was never to big for him and that he could rise his play in big moments. Time and time again this year and last year, Braxton Miller has delivered when the Buckeyes need a spark or a big play.

    Miller is the ultimate competitor and thrives in the game-changing moments of each game just like Tebow. No moment is too big for either QB and both quarterbacks have no problem rising to the occasion.

His Leadership

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    Despite only being a freshman, Braxton Miller showed excellent leadership skills in 2011. The current sophomore demands respect in the huddle and leads by example on the field. Miller has taken his major role in Meyer's system extremely seriously and has been striving to get better each day during this past offseason.

    Miller's clutch gene also add to his leadership because players know they can trust him in crunch time. As a field general, the Buckeyes' QB has taken it upon himself to master Meyer's system and lead an effective offense.

His Tenacity

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    Neither Tebow or Miller are too big on sliding. Both QBs run like running backs and refuse to back down to any defender. They leave it all on the line and take far too many hits. I know every time I watch an Ohio State game, I hold my breath when Miller plays and all the hits he takes give me heart attacks.

    Tebow was the same way and never slid as a runner. Both players are far too competitive to be interested in preserving the bodies, no matter how much that may behoove the program in the long run.