WWE Night of Champions 2012: How This PPV Can Be a Great Event

David LevinSenior Writer IISeptember 13, 2012


Let’s be honest, we need this one. As fans of the WWE and professional wrestling, we need the Night of Champions to deliver. After a subpar SummerSlam and the recent events on Raw with Jerry Lawler (get well soon, Jerry), Night of Champions must deliver in a big way.

Did I mention we needed this one?

Things are finally starting to look good for the WWE with returning stars (Wade Barrett), better tag teams, potential for a feud (Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio) and the match we all want to see (John Cena and CM Punk).

There is finally magic in the air. And by the way, did I mention we the fans need this one, badly?

The potential for this night is better than SummerSlam and has even more potential to open the doors on a tremendous Hell in a Cell PPV for October. But since this is September and the night after my father’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Gerry), let’s stick to the task at hand—an award-winning, in-your-face, elbow-smashing good time that can leave us all fat and happy and wanting more.

This is how we do it.

Take Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton, add a little drama in the match, have two great performers sell for each other and pray to the wrestling gods that in the end, Ziggler, win or lose, can cash in the MITB contract and beat Sheamus for the title.

Next, find a really good opponent for Antonio Cesaro. Forget the sock-wearing, WWF 1980's wannabe; find him a true opponent. Maybe a Tyson Kidd, or maybe even Ryback and see what the new kid in the title circle can do. So much has been made about how the United States Title is a forgotten belt. Let’s give it some respect.

Make this the last time we see Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio in the same time zone. Just writing this part of the story hurts my fingers. May this feud reach its painful death and never be spoken of again.

Let Layla and Kaitlyn have a good match. I know this is a lot to ask for in the Divas division, but both females deserve to have a match that is worthy of being stellar. I know this is asking a lot, but a guy can wish, can’t he?

Hopefully, we will see a surprise or two during the night. Wade Barrett, Brock Lesnar or Triple H, anyone? There used to be such a buzz when superstars busted the party. Now, it barely creates a whimper, and it usually never happens. Make the suspense almost unbearable. Give us what we want.

And while you are at it, make sure the World Tag Team straps are around the waists of Kane and Daniel Bryan at the end of the night. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are a tremendous team, but having a dysfunctional tag team with gold around their waists just seems to be a better sight.

And the angle will continue.

Continue to see The Miz get over. The loses mounted up last year, but now he is golden again. He and Cody Rhodes would be an awesome match, if it is scheduled. I also like Ryback and maybe someone like Matt Morgan coming out of the shadows of the back to challenge. The last wish won’t happen.

If you really want to piss the natives off, let’s have John Cena lose in Beantown.

I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.

This probably will happen since the momentum of a Paul Heyman/CM Punk marriage is still in the honeymoon stages. But it stands to reason that Cena cannot win if the angle is to continue through to possibly Hell in a Cell. And since I do not see another true contender for the WWE Title (Rock, are you listening?), this will probably happen.

But who am I to decide? I’m just the fan who wrote the story to make sure we all go home happy.

And if any of this comes to fruition, it should be a really incredible night.