Hulk Hogan, John Cena: The 16 Worst Cases of Overcoming the Odds

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Hulk Hogan, John Cena: The 16 Worst Cases of Overcoming the Odds
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The way a wrestler is pushed is often inconsistent.

One week they duke it out with their opponent in a 15-minute match, and the next show they're able to toss that same guy out of the ring with just a few punches.

Sting was somehow able to take down the entire NWO with a few bat shots and some chops to the chest. Dusty Rhodes seemed to dish out bionic elbows to half the roster.

Whose to say how things like this happen?

Overall, handicap and gauntlet matches are just a terrible idea. The losers just look incredibly weak by not being able to beat one man.

The promoters try to make it seem like a punishment match for the babyface, but somehow the lone guy almost always wins

This list is composed of ridiculous matches that should never have been booked.

In various cases, it was terribly damaging to the losing wrestler, and some never recovered. When one man can beat two or more at the same time, why are the losers even on the roster?

Here are the worst 16 cases of a wrestler overcoming the odds.

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